How Question Answer Works?
Step 1) You ask the question and decide how much you want to pay for the answer. The minimum is Rs 100, around USD 2.50 and maximum is Rs.20000,
around USD 500.
Step 2) Select expert(s) whom you want to answer your question and submit the payment. The payment will stay with
and the website will pay the expert only after the question has been answered and you are completely satisfied with it.
Step 3) Once experts receive your question they will lock your question telling you that they want to answer it.   Expand
Step 4) You can finalize the expert at this step and make the pending payment in case of negotiation.   Expand
Step 5) If you have any doubt left in the answer provided by the expert you can ask for additional information and you can even chat with the expert.
I understand and now I want to ask a question !
How do I become an Expert?
Follow the four steps below to become an expert and earn up to 80 % of the Question price.

 Step 1) Upload your picture and write a note about you, so that user could know about you.

 Step 2) Enter your contact information, so that we can send you your payment and the users can also contact you if they need.

 Step 3) Add your education details and experience.

 Step 4) And finally list out the area of your expertise.
I understand and now I want to become an expert !
How can i decide for the price of the question !