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Guidelines for White Wash
Guidelines for White Wash
White wash is a mixture of lime and water often with whiting size or glue added used to whiten walls, fences or structure. It’s hygienic, aesthetic and maintains brilliant appearance for many years.
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Make your room magical and fascinating with curtains
Stylish and inviting curtains for your homes: Spruce up your interiors with the enchanting shades of extensive curtains. Select stylish and versatile curtains you can personalize it to suit your lifestyle.
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Maintenance of wooden garden benches.
Wood garden benches are available in a variety of types such as teak, oak, cedar etc. Wood benches provide an artistic
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Tips to remember while purchasing a garden bench.
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Safety Tips.
Switch off the electric supply before taking up electrical repair work.
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Tips for Swimming Pool Lighting.
Water presents a challenging and rewarding medium for lighting. Swimming pools, fountains, waterfalls magically come to life with lighting effects at night.
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Tips for Garden Lighting.
Garden is a place where man interacts and is near to the Mother Nature even at the time when we are on the threshold of destroying it.
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Tips for Living Room Lighting.
Establish an adequate general illumination level to reduce the accent light, brightness, contrast.
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Tips for Reading Room Lighting.
The study is the most important room for the intellectuals, for students as this is the room where one builds his career. In the reading room, one should plan the lights very carefully as the intensity affects a lot on the eyes thus on the health.
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Tips for Kitchen Lighting
Kitchen is a place where a lady spends her maximum time so it should have comfortable and fresh feeling. Today's kitchens are far removed from the dark dingy spaces one saw earlier.
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