What is Glass Window

For comfort and well-being of inmates of the building, it is essential to ventilate the room by allowing a natural change of air between inside and outside.  For this purpose to provide day light and ventilation, windows and ventilators are provide in the wall of the rooms. Window has two parts one is frame and other is shutter. According to requirement windows shutter may be paneled, glazed, partly glazed and wire gazed. Glass or glazed windows are chosen for better day light and affording a view of the outside.

Glass window full hight for dining area

Right Glass for window

Sheet glass pan used in glass paneling of door, window and ventilator shutters shall be flat, transparent and clear as seen by the unaided eye. It shall be free from specks, bubbles, distortion and flaws of every kind. Ordinary quality glass confirming to IS: 2835-1977 is generally used. Due to superior optical clarity of float glass, it is now generally preferred for glazing in windows.

Parameter for Thickness of Glass

The thickness of glass is required according to the size of glass pan to be fixing in the window as detail given below:

 S.No:  Size of Glass pan
 Thickness of Glass Pan
 Weight of Glass pan
 1  Glass pan-exceeding 1sqfeet
 Or 900 sq cm
 2mm  5.49 Kg/Sqm.
 2  Glass pan exceeding 1sqfeet
 Up to 4sqfeet or 900sq cm to 3700 cm
 2.54mm  6.40 Kg/Sqm.
 3  Glass pan-exceeding 4sqfeet
 Up to 6sqfeet or 3700sq cm to
 5500 sq cm

 3mm  7.93 Kg/Sqm.
 4  Glass pan-exceeding 6sqfeet
 Up to 9sqfeet or 5500sq cm to
 8400 sq cm
 4mm  9.76 Kg./Sqm.
 5  Glass pan-exceeding 9sqfeet
 Or 8400 sq cm  
 Plate Glass
Precautions while installing glass in window frames
  • Before fixing glass, all opening parts shall be check to see that they are closing correctly and are well bedded and not twisted in any way.
  • The weight of the glass in case of side hung shutter causes it to drop slightly on its hinges.
  • Therefore, before fixing glass, the shutter shall be set in a slightly high position in frame.
  • Glazing (glass) shall be providing on the outside of frame.
  • The glass pan should have square corners and straight edges.
  • The glass pans are so cut that they fit slightly loose in the frames.
  • The glass is accurately cut 5 mm less in length and width, so that there is a clearance of 2.5 mm between the edges of the glass all round with window shutter. This clearance is to allow for variation in the shutter and in the glass.
  • Use frosted glass pans in door, windows of toilets.
  • In case of newly galvanized window, a thin film of linseed oil may be applied to rebate of frame for better grip of putty to the frame.
  • The glass putty most commonly used should conform to IS;419-1967 and Polysulphied based sealants should conform to IS; 11433 PART 1-1985 and IS;12118-1987.
  • In case of iron glass window, glazing clips should be used at least 4 nos for size30cmx60 cm for larger size use 6 glazing clips.
  • Apply paint on putty, which helps to prevent cracks in putty.

Many types of glasses recommended for homes are following: Obscure Glass,Tinted Glass,Tempered Glass
There are eight types of plywood for wooden windows: Medium Density Fiber Core Hardwood Plywood (MDF)Medium,High Density Overlay Plywood (MDO and HDO),Veneer Core Hardwood Plywood (VC)
Various types of windows are mentioned below: 1. Awning window 2.Casement Window 3.Single Hung Windows
Varnish is used for protection and decoration of interior wood surfaces.
The following finishing material is recommended for plastic windows:
1.Glass Former: It is the primary material. 2.Flux: It lowers the melting temperature as well as viscosity.
The presence sign of termites is through tale tubes. Termites travel in these tubes and are supposed to eat away wood that leads to great loss.
Various materials used for windows are following: 1.Wood 2.Aluminium 3.Vinyl 4.Fiberglass 5.Ultrex
Lobby is a gathering place of family members. It is the place where you enjoy the external view while eating. Lobby window should provide proper light and air to a room. Lobby is the nearest place to the kitchen, where you take breakfast as well as lunch. So it also requires ventilation for reducing moisture.
Arched window is basic structure of the window. This window is easy to clean. This window is more popular design feature in today’s modern homes.
Certain Teed has been the name to trust upon. It offers a unique style and beauty, trouble-free operation and thermal efficiency that surpasses any other windows.
Wood provides insulation that is 400 times more effective than steel and 1800 times more effective than aluminum.
Light transmission of clear sheet is 92% giving better clarity than glass.
Iron Windows are tough and durable.Available in various types i. e. cast iron, wrought iron etc.
Glass windows offers superior Transparency has to be balanced with its relatively low R-value.
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