Guideline for labor in cement concrete

In building construction cement concrete is main constituents and one of the costly item in construction. It is used as Plain Cement Concrete and Reinforced Cement Concrete. Cement Concrete have many gradients as cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water. Plain cement concrete is strong in compression where as weak in tension. To strengthen concrete in tension MS Steel bars is used in cement concrete and it is called Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC).

The structural engineer design the building according to load and bearing capacity of building and give cement concrete ratio to be used in different parts of building according to the requirement of building keeping in view the safety of structure. In cement concrete/ RCC centering and shuttering is very necessary part and do it carefully for taking full strength of structure.

Labor Guideline

At many time it has been observed that after laying the cement concrete according to design not give full/ required strength due to defective laying of cement concrete. For taking full strength from cement concrete mix, it is very important that laying process of cement concrete should be according to prescribed specification. Here are some points to be follow at the time of laying cement concrete.

  • While laying Cement Concrete, the mix should be machine mixed and vibrated.
  • Before laying  cement concrete it should be ensure, all the gradients to be used in cement concrete such as cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water should be according to specification and sufficient in quantity.
  • Check that there should be proper arrangement for measuring the different gradient of concrete mix. The ratio should be strictly according to design.
  • Before laying Cement Concrete, it should be checked that Centering and shuttering or form work should be true in shape as per drawing. The form work should be in level and it should be strong enough to take load/ pressure of concrete.
  • There should be no voids in the plates, if so the cement slurry will drain out from the mix and the strength is reduce.
  • It should be checked that shuttering plates should be clean and oiled before laying the MS Steel bars. 
  • Check that MS steel bars diameter, their placing, bending and binding are according to design.
  • It should be ensure that the length of the overlap, height of crank bars and supports under the crank bar should be proper.
  • Check that all the conduit pipes, fan hook and other necessary fittings should be laid on steel bars according to requirement and design. Also ensure that it should not disturb during lying of concrete.
  • Before laying the concrete, check that the cover under the steel bar in slab, and all around in column and beam should according to specification.
  • To ensure that the MS Steel bars should not be disturb by labor during lying of mix, for this planks or plates are provided on MS Steel bars for labor movement while laying the mix.
  • Ensure that there should be precautionary measure in case of rains.
  • Ensure that the top surface of concrete mix should be in level, finished and thickness should be according to design.
  • Ensure that there should be proper curing arrangement exist for smooth curing of RCC member after laying the mix.
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