Checklists for Doors and Windows

Doors and windows have two main parts one is frame and other is shutter. There are ready made doors and windows available in the market but in some cases these are made locally by the house owner. To obtain good quality door and window both in material and manufacturing some guide lines or check list to be followed which are as under.


  • For wooden door and window
    • Ensure that timber/ wood used in door and window frame and shutters should be free from sapwood, decay, cracks, shakes and dead knots.
    • Ensure that the size of frame is accurate according to size given in the drawing.
    • See that design and specification of shutter is according to drawing and requirement.
    • Ensure the door and window shutters should be fabricated by using machine and size of components are as under. Bottom rail=200 mm, Lock rail=150mm, Side and top rail=100mm, panel 12mm.
    • In case of ply or block board panel, ensure that the ply is water proof of reputed firm.
    • Ensure the finishing of frame and shutter is up to the mark i.e. line, level, smoothness and planning.
    • Check the joints which should be properly glued and secured with bamboo pins.
    • Check that the portion of frame coming in contact of the wall is well treated with wooden preservative.
    • At the time of fixing frame, check the size of hold fast and the hold fast filled with cement concrete.
    • Check the size and thickness of panel, glass, putty, beading, ply and glue are proper as per specification.
    • At the time of fixing door and window shutter in frame, see the screws are of proper size and tight with screwdriver not hammered.


  • For Iron Door and windows
    • Ensure that the members of door and window should be free from rust, cracks and surface flaws.
    • Check that steel members should be from repudiated firm and bear manufacturer stamps on the surface of steel member.
    • Check the size and design should be according to drawing and requirement.
    • Check that door and window individual member must be in one length, joints will not acceptable.
    • Check that welding on joints should be through not in touch form and joints should be made smooth by grinding. The cutting and drilling should be done by machine not by hand tool.
    • See that there is not any welding material chip on the surface.
    • At the time of fixing see that the hold fast are proper fixed with cement concrete in wall.
    • The door and window should be in plumb and line.
    • See that the back side hollow portion of pressed steel frame should be filled with cement concrete.


  • For Aluminum Door and windows
    • Ensure that the Aluminum door and window frames should be made by reputed local workshop using machines.
    • Check that the members should be from standard sections and from repudiated firm. 
    • Check that the fasteners used should be zinc plated. The cutting and drilling should be done by machine not by hand tool. 
    • See that while fixing the aluminum frames, steel screws should be used instead of iron screws.
    • Ensure that the corners of door and window are at right angle.
    • See that while fixing the frame, the frame should be in straight line and in plumb.
    • Ensure that the aluminum doors and windows frame should be free from cracks, surface flaws.


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