Protection from Moisture

May and June are very hot months in summer season when heat waves are in full swing. Monsoon comes during June and rainy season starts.  Everyone wants to enjoy cool and wet weather. Rainy water spreads on roads and low level area. During rainy season the moisture enters home directly through open doors, windows and ventilators. The moisture can enter through other sources which affect home and its occupants.

If following cares are taken, you can prevent moisture from entering the house.   

Tips before the start of rainy season

  • Clean roof tops and check the condition of roof proofing if you are living in a Bungalow or a terrace flat.
  • Check all rain water pipes if there are any cracks for repair.
  • Check roof of your home if there are any cracks/defects for repair.
  • Confirm corners of the roof, parapet and set are right. If there are any cracks, they should be repaired. 
  • Clean ‘Chhajja’ and balcony of the room/house.
  • Make sure that water doesn’t’ enter the foundation and under side of the roof. Seal all possible crevices for leakage or water condensation.
  • Check all walls if there are any cracks or signs of seepage. Repair them and use water proof paint internally and externally to avoid flaking.


  • Check joints of tiles in bathrooms and toilets if there is any loose tile which should be fixed immediately.
  • Apply a coat of wax on hardwood to prevent hardwood floor from warping. 
  • Provide grease and oil in the hinges of all doors and windows so that they can easily be opened and closed.
  • Check garden outlet so that spare water from rain may be drained immediately after rain. 
  • Clean sewer lines, manholes and gully traps so that over flow problem may not arise.
  • Check and repair windows, ventilators, sill and joints with wall.

Tips during rainy season

  • Keep camphor or naphthalene balls in your cupboards for protection of cloths from smelling and effects of insects.
  • Open all operable windows and ventilators for cross ventilation to keep humidity low.
  • Vacuum carpets regularly if you have to keep them away from dirt, soggy smells and moisture.

  • Wrap carpets in polythene sheet to protect them from water and insects infestation.
  • Keep electronic equipments in closed cabinets when it’s raining. Cover the equipments properly with plastic covers or thick cloth.
  • Close all doors and windows’ shutters when it’s raining to protect house from moisture.

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