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ACC Limited - ACC Cement

Chennai (Madras) : Cement : ACC Cement
ACC cement has received excellent responsibility and 95% of Gagal Works production is ACC Suraksha. They have also disputed sale of cement bags by opposite party no.1 to the complainant, for the reasons that no invoice is appended in support of such sale. It is denied that cement used by the complainant, was sub-standard and that no such proof qua it, adduced. Hence, denied his averments in totality. Complainant not entitled for any compensation.

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Fenesta Building System - Fenesta Sliding Windows

Chennai (Madras) : Windows : Fenesta Sliding Windows
The sliding window is made up of two (or more) sashes that slide horizontally, to the left or right, on tracks. The sliding window can be made wider and taller with the addition of sashes.

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Keywords : Sliding Window Aluminium Sliding Window Top Sliding Window Sliding Windows Glass Sliding Window Sliding Window Door Window Sliding Sliding Door Window Window Glass Window Window Repair
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Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. - Cement

Chennai (Madras) : Raw Material : Cement
Dalmia Cement is specially designed to provide extra protection and strength, compared to ordinary cements. It is manufactured with state-of-the-art CVRM technology. This gives the cement an optimal particle size distribution, which in turn, enables denser concrete.

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JK Cement Limited - J.K. White Cement

Chennai (Madras) : Raw Material : J.K. White Cement
We manufacture white cement under the brand names J.K. White and Camel. White Cement is produced using a different quality of limestone and is distinguished from grey cement by its white color.

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Keywords : JK Cement JK Cements JK White Cement Cement Cement Ltd Cements Grey Cement JK Water Proof JK Wall Putty
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H.R. Johnson (India) Ltd - Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles

Chennai (Madras) : Tile Flooring : Johnson Leatherland Not just tiles, Lifestyles
What if you could let your home out of the house for a day? Would it wiggle its toes in the sand?Or would it tickle fingers on wt grass? Perhaps It'd race after tigers chasing their prey.

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Keywords : Tiles.Floor Tiles Tile Flooring Johnson Tiles Leatherland Tiles
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FAAC India Pvt.Ltd - World leader for entrance automation system

Chennai (Madras) : Security : World leader for entrance automation system
Now in India, opening -closing. The mechanism is always more natural

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Keywords : Parking Management System Gate Automation Door Automation Automatic Boom Barriers
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The Supreme Industries Ltd. - Supreme Pluming System

Chennai (Madras) : Drainage , Sanitary System and Plumbing : Supreme Pluming System
Plastic pipes and fittings form a key part of Supreme’s large product portfolio. These comprise a variety of pipes of up to 450 mm in diameter, and a vast spectrum of fittings totaling over 5000 diverse items. Together these constitute the most comprehensive range in the industry that matches virtually every conceivable need and application.

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Keywords : Moulded Furniture Material Handling Products XF Films & Products Plastic Piping System Protective Packaging Products
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