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Greenply Industries Ltd - Greenlam Laminates Dikhane ka jee kare

Delhi : Miscellaneous : Greenlam Laminates Dikhane ka jee kare
A rich repertoire. Greenply Industries is the only integrated manufacturer in India to provide the most comprehensive range of products for all interior infrastructure needs. We have both surface finish and foundation/structural products for homes, offices and retail establishments. Our extensive product range includes Plywoods, Decorative Laminates, Decorative Veneers, MDF and Particle Boards.

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Keywords : Greenlam Laminates Ply Block Board Decorative Veneers Plywood Particle Boards Restroom Cubicles
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Durian Imported Furniture - Durian is my passion what is yours

Delhi : Living room Furniture : Durian is my passion what is yours
You like your home to be extraordinary and unique. At Durian nothing satisfies us more than making available to you everything you require to do so. Durian stores are broadened all over the nation. We carry a wide selection of sofas sets, dining tabl

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Keywords : Living Room Furniture Durian Imported Furniture Living Room Sofa World Class Furniture Imported Furniture
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RAK Ceramics - In harmony with your home

Delhi : Bathroom : In harmony with your home
With its tranquil serene feel, Venice provides soft tones and curves to create a calming atmosphere. Wall Hung version of the basin and WC are available with clean, fresh lines that are perfect for today's bathroom

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Keywords : Wash Basin Bathroom Closet Venice Wall HungBathroom Sets Wall HungRAK Ceramics
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Providence Exim (India) Pvt. Ltd. - Kriztle Bathrooms & Beyond

Delhi : Bathroom : Kriztle Bathrooms & Beyond
Kriztle presents a stunning range of latest important bathroom vanities and fixtures crafted in a variety of highly durable materials, Exclusively styled designer mirrors, co-ordinated wash counters, shower cubicles and enclosures, bathroom accessories and faucets combine elegantly go give your living space world class style and comfort backed by technology. Get Kriztle Get mesmerized

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Keywords : Bathroom Bathrooms Bathroom Accessories Bathroom Remodel Bathroom Designs Bathroom Design
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Sparkle Top - Fusion With Compact Laminates

Delhi : Kitchen : Fusion With Compact Laminates
At Sparkletop, we don’t just do things off the top of our heads. We channel explosive creativity into crystallizing designs for today’s living spaces. That’s why our range of kitchen and wardrobe accessories is an expression of more than sheer sophistication and class. It’s because Sparkletop accessories are about more. They’re about a statement of the style that our customers are accustomed to -- distinctive, robust, rust-resistant, functional, integrate-able, compact yet high-storage capable. And created with optimum standards of quality and manufacturing. Because that’s what we do at Sparkletop – create good, strong and flexible space-saving accessories because our customers need them. All as an art form......

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Keywords : Furniture Furniture Stores Furnitures Fine Furniture Home Furniture Furniture Collections
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Kajaria Ceramics Create Grow Innovate - Kajaria Ceramics Limited, Create Grow Innovate

Delhi : Raw Material : Kajaria Ceramics Limited, Create Grow Innovate
Kajaria Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of ceramics tiles in India. It has an annual capacity of 21 mn. Sq. mtr. Distributed across two plant – Sikandrabad at Uttar Pradesh (capacity 6.90 mn. Sq. mtrs) and Gailpur at Rajasthan (capacity 14.10 mn. Sq. mtrs.) The Company is in advance stage of commissioning 2.5 mn sq mtr vitrified tile facility at Sikandrabad (Uttar Pradesh), adding a margin-accretive product vertical to the business model. After this, the aggregate capacity of the Company would become 23.50 mn sq mtr of tile production per annum......

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Keywords : Ceramics Floor Tiles Wall Tiles Imported Tiles Sanitaryware
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CATA Spain Europe`s Most Innovative Brand - Cata Kitchen Spain Europe`s Most Innovative Brand

Delhi : Kitchen : Cata Kitchen Spain Europe`s Most Innovative Brand
Kitchen Art European Masterpieces in Indian Homes

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Keywords : Exhaust Kitchen Fans Designer Hoods Exhaust Fans Ovens Kitchen Exhaust Fans Exhaust Fans Exhaust Hoods Exhaust Hood Kitchen Exhaust
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