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FAAC India Pvt.Ltd - World leader for entrance automation system

Delhi : Security : World leader for entrance automation system
Now in India, opening -closing. The mechanism is always more natural

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Keywords : Parking Management System Gate Automation Door Automation Automatic Boom Barriers
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Corelle - Corelle® Square™

Delhi : Kitchen : Corelle® Square™
Designed by renowned London design firm Studio Levien, the Corelle Square dinnerware collection is in a league of its own. Encompassing all of the best qualities of Corelle, including a 3-year limited break and chip warranty, the Square line offers a

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Keywords : Dinnerware Corelle Break-Resistent Dinnerware
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Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd - Zicom Safety Alarm

Delhi : Security : Zicom Safety Alarm
Zicom safe homes presents a revolutionary Home Alarm System inclusive of 24x7 Central Monitoring, insurance against theft, burglary and fire, and insurance against breakdown of electrical appliances.

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Keywords : Security Alarm Home Security Gadgets Video Door Phone Home Security Appliances
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Videocon Industries Ltd. - Videocon Haute Full HD TV

Delhi : Home Improvement : Videocon Haute Full HD TV
Color so real you can touch. Enjoy the full hd technology for outstanding clarity and great resolution.

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Keywords : Videocon Full HD TV high defination televisionSuper Contrat Ratio
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Pavit Ceramics Pvt.Ltd. - Terrene

Delhi : Raw Material : Terrene
On the path of continuous innovation the company went on adding value-added products in its kitty and its recent offering TERRENE is a rectified, unpolished, homogeneous, vitrified tile that is unique in its category. TERRENE can be used in interior as well as in exterior both vertically and horizontally. This versatile product strives to bring nature and technology together.

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Keywords : Tiles Tiles Shades
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Kuber Trading Company - Countertop

Delhi : Kitchen : Countertop
Staron® products are functional, practical, and easy to maintain. Staron®'s is also nonporous with smooth, impenetrable seams, so bacteria and mold have nowhere to accumulate. Staron®'s applications do not end with kitchen counter tops and sinks. Staron®'s durability, easy maintenance and range of color choices can be used to create a variety of unique surfacing solutions, including backsplashes, table tops, windowsills and more.

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Keywords : Stain Resistant Impact Resistant Smooth & Seamless Kitchen Countertop Non-porous Hygienic
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The Supreme Industries Ltd. - Supreme Pluming System

Delhi : Drainage , Sanitary System and Plumbing : Supreme Pluming System
Plastic pipes and fittings form a key part of Supreme’s large product portfolio. These comprise a variety of pipes of up to 450 mm in diameter, and a vast spectrum of fittings totaling over 5000 diverse items. Together these constitute the most comprehensive range in the industry that matches virtually every conceivable need and application.

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Keywords : Moulded Furniture Material Handling Products XF Films & Products Plastic Piping System Protective Packaging Products
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