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Denz Hardware Fittings - Denz Door Knobs

Delhi : Doors : Denz Door Knobs
Denz Door Knobs

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Keywords : Door Hardware Door Knobs Window Handles Holdbacks
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Tajmahal Paints Pvt. Ltd. - Zapex Gold

Delhi : Paint : Zapex Gold
Tajmahal Paints introduces a premium quality emulsion paint called 'Zapex Gold', an all weather, waterproof, antifungal paint which has an unbeatable coverage of 350 to 400 sft/ltr/coat. The paint is extremly durable and employes the best quality raw materials available. It has a high gloss appearance and is extremly economical. Tajmahal Paints wishes to catch the attention of all those who want a good quality exterior paint at a low price unlike several other exterior paints available wich have no quality......

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Keywords : Paint Decorative Paint Textured Paint Emulsion Paint Waterproof Paint Antifungal Paint
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Delhi : Bathroom : Artspa STEAM CABINETS
Shelves, Background Lamp, Computer Control, Switch, Hot and Cold water Faucet, Shape Massaging, Shampoo Rack, Backrest, Feet Massaging, Knob, Flexible Handle Shower, Ventilation Fan, Speaker.

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Keywords : Bathroom Steam Cabinets Bath Tubs Shower Enclosure Shower Panels SPA
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H.R. Steels Pvt. Ltd. - Trimurti TMT

Delhi : Raw Material : Trimurti TMT
H.R. Steels offers its TMT bars under the brand name Trimurti. TMT bars are produced through “Tempcore Process”, under licence from Centre de Recherche Metallurgiques (CRM), Belgium. We manufacture Tmt Bars from Size 8mm To 36mm in Grades Fe-415, Fe-500 And Fe-550. Trimurti TMT bars have high strength and good ductility, which make them especially suitable for high rise buildings, even in earthquake zones 4 and 5. Trimurti TMT bars exceed the requirements of IS standards and other international quality standards......

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Keywords : TMT Bars Mild Steel Bars Mild Steel Rounds Mild Steel Square
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Euro Brass India Pvt. Ltd. - Euro Brass Faucets and Bathfittings

Delhi : Bathroom : Euro Brass Faucets and Bathfittings
Minimalist lines combined with classical proportions. studio is a pure form and a simple expression of formality.The convenience of one touch operation and a simple interpretation of solids. unadulterated high quality design available in three different finishes.

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Keywords : Faucets Bath Fittings Bathroom Accessories Towel Hangers
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Samrat Plywood Limited - SAMRAT Plywood

Delhi : Raw Material : SAMRAT Plywood
SAMRAT, a range of high quality Plywood products from the house of SAMRAT, where the products and the processes are certified for its quality and management by the renowned National an International bodies. With excellent R & D facilities and modern

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Keywords : Samrat plywood Mica Veneer Block Board Shutter plywood
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Bharat Floorings & Tiles (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd. - Bhart Flooring Designer Tiles

Delhi : Flooring : Bhart Flooring Designer Tiles
Designer tiles are custom designed to suit the users needs. The tiles can be used to create designer floors, which uniquely reflect the customers taste and personality. Each cement tile is crafted by hand from the finest ingredients, carefully selected and blended to create a quality tile in rich and glowing colours. These tiles were first used in the palaces of Maharajas, in Raj Bhavans, and in landmark public buildings. Later, others, who also appreciated a beautiful floor, used these tiles in their residences and offices. These tiles are now part of the countries architectural heritage and can still be seen in a few heritage buildings all over India......

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Keywords : Tiles Designer Tiles Floor Tiles Mosaic Tiles Non-Slip Tiles
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