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Shiv Hari Plywood Limited - Corbett Combi Plywood

Company : Miscellaneous : Corbett Combi Plywood
A combination of hardwood and poplar provides the best bond with excellent mechanical & load bearing properties. Perfect surface finish from wide belt calibrating and sanding machine.
Keywords : Plywood Hard Plywood Immune Plywood Film Faced Plywood Pre-Lam Ply Teak Ply
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Donear Plywood - Donear Plywood Beyond Wood Just Too Good

Company : Miscellaneous : Donear Plywood Beyond Wood Just Too Good
Plywood - Moisture Resistant & Boiling Water Resistant Moisture Resistant (MR) Commercial Grade Plywood (IS: 303) Made under stringent quality norms, this versatile ready to use Plywood is the preferred choice for wood work. It is ideal for use in hot & humid climatic conditions, where there is lot of moisture in the air. This commercial plywood is made from seasoned hardwood core bonded with Urea Melamine Formaldehyde under computer controlled temperature and pressure. It is fully powder proof, termite and moisture resistant, re-usable and therefore very economical. Suggested Areas of Application: All kinds of interiors applications. Exquisitely designed for use in furniture, cupboards, wardrobes ceiling, panelings and packaging......
Keywords : Plywood Donear Plywood Shuttering Plywood Film Faced Plywood Flexi Ply Moisture Resistant (MR) Commercial Grade Plywood
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ITALIA GLASS PVT. LTD - Italia Glass Mosaic

Company : Miscellaneous : Italia Glass Mosaic
Italia glass mosaic tiles are used for wide applications in homes, offices and public places. They add an aesthetic touch to exterior as well as interior decoration. They can be creatively used in bathroom, dining hall, entrance wall, lobby, staircase, pillar, dome, swimming pool, fountain, religious places, public places etc. It is available in 47 vibrant shades. It adds great value to the exterior as well as interior surface in terms of durability. Italia glass mosaic has been tested by government-approved labs and found to be water - weather - chemical - fire proof and resistant to thermal shocks. They retained their original colors for very long time. Italia Glass Mosaic tiles are light in weight and can be fixed on any plain or curved surface. They are washable and even stubborn.....
Keywords : Glass Mosaic Tiles Italias Glass Mosaic Tiles Exterior Wall Mosaic Tiles Wall Mosaic Tiles
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AIS Glass Solutions Ltd - AIS Mirror See More See Clear

Company : Miscellaneous : AIS Mirror See More See Clear
AIS brings to you distortion free mirrors that will forever change the way you see yourself! The legendary Belgian mirror, is now indigenously manufactured as AIS Distortion free mirrors.
Keywords : Mirror AIS Mirrors Looking Glass
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Greenply Industries Ltd - Greenlam Laminates Dikhane ka jee kare

Company : Miscellaneous : Greenlam Laminates Dikhane ka jee kare
A rich repertoire. Greenply Industries is the only integrated manufacturer in India to provide the most comprehensive range of products for all interior infrastructure needs. We have both surface finish and foundation/structural products for homes, offices and retail establishments. Our extensive product range includes Plywoods, Decorative Laminates, Decorative Veneers, MDF and Particle Boards.
Keywords : Greenlam Laminates Ply Block Board Decorative Veneers Plywood Particle Boards Restroom Cubicles
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