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  Mostafa Atef - ArchitectUpdated on 3/6/2012  
I am 54 years old, Architect, Director of Allied Consultants Ltd., Living in Cairo, Egypt
Current profession: ArchitectGender: 
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Mostafa Atef Architect 

Corner at reception

Corner at reception
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Mostafa Atef Architect 

living room wall

living room wall
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Mostafa Atef Architect 

Wall impression

Wall impression
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Mostafa Atef Architect 

Wall impression

Wall impression
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AC in main hall opening to kitchen

Agreed with the figures in the table in post #1 but some factors have to be considered:Orientation of space.Size of openings (windows) to outside and direction (North, West,...). If you have big openings or direct sun, try to go for the higher capacity.Recommended to have exhaust fan in kitchen or hood. Regards,Mostafa Atef.
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  6 May, 2021
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