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  Renuka RoyUpdated on 11/27/2012  
I am a self employed woman. I am running a small guesthouse at Bodh Gaya Bihar.I am a spiritual lady. So, I want to have a small house at Ayodhya,U.P. I am planning to construct own house there.
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Porch Designs

5x4ft. window frame is for the kitchen and 7x7ft.door frame and 6x5ft. window frames are for the front wall of 20x14ft lobby 10x8ft kitchen of the and lobby are attached. i have not planned for the outer design so far. my house designer had not given me idea about the outer design and now he is not in my contact because he had fleeced a heavy amount from me for interior design. pleas.
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  7 May, 2021
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