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From the Editor"s Desk
From the Editor's Desk
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Gunjan Utraja
By Gunjan Utraja
Hi, Welcome to I am the product manager @ GharExpert so let me know what you like and definitely what you don't. If there is some thing you would like to see happen on this website, ...
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Generate more business through Ghar.... - From the Editor Generate more business through
  By:Gunjan Utraja - On Tuesday, September 25,2012  -  6345 View(s)  -  4 Comment(s)
Generate more business through Ghar.... - From the Editor"s Desk - Gunjan Utraja"s channel - ALL channels 
Now you can officially generate more business from

Use the steps below to benefit.

1) Make your profile:  Tell the world about yourself.  Talk about your products/services, write your correct email address, your phone number and your contact address.

2) Upload the pictures of your products and services.  Write descriptive names so that the pictures appear in the search results of our readers. Please upload only those pictures that belong to you. Copyrighted work of others will be removed.  

3)  Participate in Forums:  Answer the queries of other readers through the Forum section.  Please note that we do not allow posting of phone numbers or email addresses in the Forums. But as each answer is connected to your profile, users would be able to send you email or call you through the information given in your profile.  All forum answers that have contact information or ask users to contact you will be deleted. A good answer will help the reader and the reader would automatically come to your profile looking for more help.

4) Always Remember: Your online profile is the best way for user's to judge your capabilities.

The screen shots below will tell you how we promote user's profile.

A) A new section on the home page tells the world about the users who actively help other readers or contribute designs to 

2) New Profile Page We have also upgraded the profile page, it now shows all the pictures uploaded by a user and also lets users to send email to a profile owner directly.  You can also give your email address, website name or phone number on your profile to connect to the user directly.



3) More changes throughout the website: Through out the website, we show the link to the profile of readers so that users could come to the profile and connect to the contributor.


So contribute to and see your business flourish. If you need more help from us, do send us an email to 
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4 Comment(s)
By Mukta Dubey : On Friday, January 9,2015
If you are not too sure about using flowers to decorate your home,you can spruce up your
home well using synthetic floral accessories.
By santidey : On Sunday, November 24,2013
This Article made me courageous .
By Tiffany : On Tuesday, August 20,2013
Arclites like this make life so much simpler.
By selvaraj : On Wednesday, September 26,2012
i would like to join
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