Gardening for Beauty and Relaxation
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Gardening for Beauty and Relaxation
Gardening for Beauty and Relaxation
Gardening is a wonderful and relaxing hobby. If you love gardening, you are not alone. Many people are indulging in this hobby.

By Nidhi
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Indoor gardening, Indoor garden plants, indoor gardening tips  Indoor Gardening
  By:Nidhi - On Friday, October 24,2008  -  10200 View(s)  -  3 Comment(s)
Indoor gardening, Indoor garden plants, indoor gardening tips  

Indoor gardening is done in houses and offices. Having plants at home will add to interior decoration of home. Indoor plants provide health benefits such as purification of air. A successful Indoor garden depends on various factors such as choice of plants, containers, water requirement, plant care and proper light.   


Indoor Plants: There are many varieties of plants that can be grown well indoors. Here are suggested a few plants which you want to add to your indoor garden.   

Palm: Palm is a common indoor plant as it is resistant to humidity. Palm looks beautiful in indoor of house.

Ivy: Ivy is a popular indoor plant and grows in direct and bright light. Ivy plants can be grown in containers, baskets and even in a glass jar.   Davis ivy (Money plant) and English ivy are good examples of indoor plants.

Cactus In Porceline Container

Davis Ivy Plant

Cactus: Cactus can be grown well indoor as it needs less quantity of water. Proper drainage of water from container is basic requirement for cactus as moisture is harmful to cactus.     

Boston fern:  Boston fern is a popular indoor plant which produces thick leaves. It requires cool location with lots of humidity to grow. It is an elegant plant for indoor. 

Rubber Plant: Rubber plant can also be grown well indoor as it requires medium to low light. It has thick, shiny and oval leaves. It requires heavy watering, so keep the soil moist all the time. 


Container for Indoor Garden: You can choose container from a wide range of containers such as ceramic, plastic, cement, porcelain etc. Avoid containers made of metal. Wooden pots are not advisable as they may be destroyed by the water. Porcelain containers are looks beautiful indoor as they come in various colors and designs. The size of container depends on the space available and your choice. A big container on dining table will look odd. If it is placed in corner of a room or along the wall, it will look beautiful. 


Light: Light is an important factor for indoor plants as it helps in photosynthesis process. Different plants need different intensity of light. For proper growth of plants, know light intensities of different plants.

Watering Plants: Proper irrigation is essential for plants as improper irrigation can cause yellow leaves of plants. Watering once a week is sufficient for indoor plants. 

Drainage: Proper drainage of water through soil is essential for well grown plants. Plant like cactus need proper drainage of water as it requires less amount of water.  

Pest Control: Pest control is a common problem of gardening. The use of pesticides is harmful to your health. Use organic methods for pest control such as spray garlic and chilly juice on plants.

Indoor gardening can be done in a different way like indoor water gardening. For this gardening place a glass container having plant in your living room and enjoy the beauty. Here are some tips on indoor water gardening.

Indoor Water Gardening:  If you don’t like soil indoor of the house; you can have an indoor garden without soil. Water gardening is the solution to it. Plants can be grown well in the water. Here are some tips about indoor water garden.


Select Location: proper sunlight and air is essential for plants. So, choose a location where the plant can get sunlight and air as it is beneficial for plant growth.

How to Plant: After selection of containers and plants for indoor water gardening. Decide how to do plantation. Take a container and fill it three-fourth of support material like florist’s foam, pebbles, gravel, coarse sand, marbles or any material that you like. Now add some fertilizer to the water and pour this water into the container. Choose a plant you like in your house. Before placing the plant into containers, wash the soil from roots of plant. You can place more than one plant in a big container. Every month change the water, fertilizer solution for proper growth of plants.

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3 Comment(s)
By MyBlastPL : On Friday, December 10,2010
Jedziemy Jedziemy i dojechac nie mozemy - MyBlastPL MyBlastPL MyBlastPL
By vinay chauhan : On Saturday, November 1,2008
Hey Nidhiji,
one more thing i would like to ask is that can we add anything so that Pink jelly type ball in flower Pot get more shine or say brighter !!!!
By vinay chauhan : On Monday, October 27,2008
Hey Nidhi,
Really nice information.
Actually i was this kind of Decore at my new home. And your tips will help me beteer....
Please provide some more information in indoor plants.
I have think of one or two plant which can be place on JELLY. I like the most with that Pink Jelly. please name that plant. some time back when i was in Bazaar, one person was selling plant(dry Plant). As per him i can place that plant on Jelly of say in water. it will remain green as live plant.....( i don't know the name of plant)

Thanks for information.
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