Cement Plastering

Plastering not only makes the surfaces smooth but also creates a good finishing to the walls, ceiling and roofs. GharExpert provides you details about the material requirement for Cement plastering, Advantages and disadvantages of Cement plaster, Precautions for Cement plaster, Cement plaster inspection checklists, Preparation for Cement plaster, Tips for Cement plaster, etc
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Minimize the defects in ‘Plaster Work’
Create an amusing smoothness in 'Plastering' with some tips and enjoy dazzling surfaces.
Cracks at the junctions of Brick Walls and RCC slabs
Handle the cracks in the walls initially because they can destroy smooth finishing of the plaster.
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Achieve a good quality in ‘Plastering’
Unique 'Plastering' makes a difference and requires a lot of skills which are discussed here.
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Ratio of Cement and Sand for ‘Plastering’
Without knowing perfect mixture of cement and sand you can not achieve your goal.
Raw Materials and Scaffolding for ‘Plastering’
Raw material and scaffolding are backbone of 'Plastering' and provide necessary support in construction.
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Specification of ‘Plastering’
Whether you deserve unique skills for 'Plastering' or you need to know them.
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Recommended thickness of 'Cement Plaster'
Thickness of cement plaster varies and depends on individual taste. You can apply any one from this article.
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Time schedule for Cement Plastering
Do 'Plastering' only when you know proper time schedule to avoid cracks in future
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Tools required for Plaster Work
Tools take 'Plastering' to its peak finishing and make it ready for use.
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Which are different types of plastering for construction work?
Types of Plastering in Construction: 1.Sand faced plaster 2.Rough Cast Plaster 3.Pebbled dash plaster
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Plastering not only makes the surfaces smooth but creates a good finishing to the walls, ceiling and roofs also.
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Guideline for labor in cement plaster
Here in this article we tried to cover the common guideline meant for labor for cement plaster finishing for roof/ceiling and wall.
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Checklist for Cement Plaster
In construction work plaster provides protection and decoration. Plaster work is important part of construction, which provides smooth, level and hard surface that can be painted to give good look. Read more about cement plaster checklist in article here.
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