Fire Safety

A building constructed with fire resistant material can safe guard you and your family from fire damage. provides you the comprehensive information about fire safety information, fire safety research, home fire safety checklists, fire safety tips, home fire safety resources, fire safety articles.
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Fireproof Home!
Fireproof Home!Fire is essential part of our life but still we need to be carefull about it.We all need some fire safety tips in home to avoid any mishappning. Here are few useful points for all of you out there to prevent your home from fire.
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Fire Resistant Building Material
Fire Resistant Building Material
A building constructed with fire resistant material can safe guard you and your family from fire damage. This article will tell you more about fire resistant build materials.
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How to limit fire spread in home?
.Fire fighting equipment: The suitable equipments for detecting, extinguishing, and warning of fire should be placed in the buildings. These equipments should be located at such places that they are easily accessible.
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Which types of fire detectives are suitable for building?
.Modern smoke sensors or Gadgets:These smoke sensors or gadgets may be permanently installed in buildings for the early detection of fire.
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher help avoid accidental fire in the kitchens or homes. It extinguishes not only the fire but saves our invaluable lives also.
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Which are various fire fighting system for building ?
.Automatic sprinkle system:This system consists of automatic sprinkles attached to a piping system containing water under pressure and connected to a water supply so that water discharges immediately from the sprinkles opened by a fire.
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Which are chief causes of fire in building?
.Smoking .Electrical Wiring .Heating and Cooking Equipment
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