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Interior lighting arrangements in a home needs careful planning. If done correctly they can enhance the beauty of your home creating a pleasant environment. GharExpert provides you articles, tips, and pictures explaining rules for lighting, Lighting plan, ideas for interior lighting, Lighting checklist, Interior lighting design guidelines, etc.
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Home Lighting Tips
Home Lighting TipsLighting arrangements in a home needs careful planning. It should be according to requirements like task lighting for study room, decorative lighting for living room etc. Safety is another important concern for home lighting. So opt for safe and pleasant lighting to enhance the beauty of your home.
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Basic rules while designing the light.
Every activity that takes place in the interior must have lights of the right kind, intensity and the right direction.
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Tips for Bathroom Lighting.
Planning and designing is a difficult job. Today's bathroom wears a well dressed look, its design recognizing people's needs to begin and end their day in pleasant surroundings. It is after all an intimate personal place- perhaps the only room in the house where one can be totally private and get much needed peace.
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Tips for Bed Room Lighting.
The bedroom is a place where one can be totally oneself. It is the room where we spend the maximum amount of time - to sleep and relax, after a long tiring day and refresh oneself for the tomorrow.
Tips for Kitchen Lighting
Kitchen is a place where a lady spends her maximum time so it should have comfortable and fresh feeling. Today's kitchens are far removed from the dark dingy spaces one saw earlier.
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Tips for Reading Room Lighting.
The study is the most important room for the intellectuals, for students as this is the room where one builds his career. In the reading room, one should plan the lights very carefully as the intensity affects a lot on the eyes thus on the health.
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Tips for Living Room Lighting.
Establish an adequate general illumination level to reduce the accent light, brightness, contrast.
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Types of lighting according to the intensity of light used.
There are three basic types of lighting according to the intensity of light used:
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Ceiling Lighting
Ceiling Lighting
No doubts that the lighting makes your ceiling more decorative and looks lavish. Different lighting fixtures can be used to different designs of ceilings. Just try some of lighting to your room ceiling that enhances the richness of the house. Let you choose the right ceiling lighting that can be both rewarding and exciting
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Related tips
  • Do not use defective or naked wires for electrical appliance in your bathroom.
  • Do not clean air conditioner yourself as it may cause electric shock; call a skilled person for cleaning the AC.
  • Provide earthing in electrical work to enhance voltage and protect human beings from sudden electric shock.
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