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Purchasing good quality raw material at right price is one of the biggest time consuming activity in a construction project and can cause a huge loss if not done correctly. These articles would help you to purchase good quality raw material at right price. These will also help you to check the quality of the material and discuss common issues people face while purchasing raw material. This section has articles related to steel, concrete, Tiles, Timber, Water specification, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, brick quality, cement, etc.
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Purchasing Guidelines for Timber
Purchasing Guidelines for TimberTimber should be of first grade and be free from decay, fungal growth, boxed heart, pitch pocket or streaks on the split
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What is asphalt: Read about bitumen
What is bitumen, read the article and have full knowledge of its uses in construction and types of bitumen.
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Buying tips for stone ballast
Stone ballast or stone metal is important material used in construction of building and roads. The strength of the struc
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Buying tips for Bricks
Before you buy bricks for home, office or any sort of construction follow these tips to ensure quality construction.
Buying tips for Brick Blast
You need to know these tips to buy Brick Blast for the construction of your home or commercial building.
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Density of Coarse Aggregate
Aggregate which occupy nearly 80 to 85 % volume of concrete are most important part of the concrete or RCC.
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Hard wood Characteristics and application
Hard wood Characteristics and application
Hard wood is one of the major resources for wooden flooring today. You must know hard wood specification before buying it. This article will help you
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Cedar Wood
For any construction wood is very major raw material and Cedar wood is one of most common type of wood to be used making in door, window, frames and furniture. Here in this article we will discuss more about cedar wood.
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