Safety Tips

Safety first! Should be kept in mind when remodeling a electrical systems at your home. GharExpert provides you extensive information explaining safety required for electrical system installation, ins and outs of considering safety while installing electrical systems, etc.
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Safety Tips.
Switch off the electric supply before taking up electrical repair work.
Electric Shock – Causes & Preventions
Electric Shock – Causes & Preventions
A little negligence during electric works can take your life. So before you engage in any electrical jobs, make sure you are doing it efficiently following all safety standards. This article tells you about causes, symptoms, treatment and precautions of electric shocks.
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Related tips
  • Do not use defective or naked wires for electrical appliance in your bathroom.
  • Do not clean air conditioner yourself as it may cause electric shock; call a skilled person for cleaning the AC.
  • Provide earthing in electrical work to enhance voltage and protect human beings from sudden electric shock.
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