Wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is a very popular flooring but the weather conditions of the area should be understood properly before choosing this option. GharExpert.com provides you the comprehensive information about Installation guidelines of Wooden flooring, Advantages and disadvantages of Wooden flooring, Precautions in installation of wooden flooring, Buying tips for Wooden flooring, Maintenance of wooden flooring, Complete guidelines for wooden flooring installation, Installing and Finishing Wood Floors ,Refinishing Hardwood Floors, Wood Floors Installed on Concrete Engineered, Floating Wood Floors, How to Finish Wood Floors -Hardwood Flooring Installation Guide~ How to Install Wood Floors & How to Refinish Wood Floors, Etc
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Wooden Flooring
Wooden FlooringDo you want to add some spice to your home with amazing patterns of wooden flooring? Its' carved designs can keep pace with latest lifestyles. These designs and styles have always been known for their aesthetic craftsmanship.
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Oak Flooring
Oak Flooring
A beautiful, elegant and sophisticated option of flooring adds to the value of your home. Oak flooring is such a choice that complements to the decor and design of your home. It is hygienic, hard wearing, and easy to clean. This article tells you about manufacturing, installation and benefits of oak flooring.
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How to level concrete sub floor before installing wooden block flooring?
The recommended method for leveling of concrete in wooden block flooring is described in the writeup.
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Wooden board floor buying guide
Wooden board flooring buying guide to help you choose the best wooden board.
Refinishing Hardwood Floors
When you feel that the finishing of the floor is out of fashion or you are getting bore of it, refinish your old hardwoo
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Installation Precautions for Wooden Flooring
Installation Precautions are compulsory to make wooden flooring long lasting. If You do not follow these precautions, you will have to bear a great loss in your wooden floors.
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Installing Hardwood at an Angle
Ever wondered how to start a diagonal hardwood floor installation? This article provides useful tips for giving your flo
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What are various types of wooden flooring?
Two types of Wooden flooring:1. Wooden Boards flooring, 2. Wooden Block flooring
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What is the recommended method for leveling of concrete in wooden block flooring?
The leveling layer of concrete shall be cement concrete 1:2:4 (1 cement,2 coarse sand,4 stone aggregate 10 mm nominal size by volume
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What are the specifications of iron screws for wooden board flooring?
The screws should be countersunk.Iron screws shall be of the slotted countersunk head type.
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What is the recommended size of wooden boards for wooden board flooring?
Boards of hardwood or softwood are of good quality and free of knots.The usual thickness of the boards is 19 mm or 25 mm.
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What should be done for proper seasoning and preservation of timber for wooden board flooring?
Timber can be seasoned by providing a long drying time
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What raw material is recommended for wooden board flooring?
Raw materials for Wooden board flooring-Wooden boards, Wooden planks such as Deodar, Pine, Galvanized metal floor clips
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Related tips
  • Oak Flooring should not be installed in bathrooms and kitchens where lots of moisture and water exists.
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