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In this group collect all the interior decoration artifacts, designs, objects, tools that you love! Come forward, show us what you love!

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Created By: Love thy community      On: 5/20/2008

The Idea Factory

Do you want your team to have fresh innovative ideas then try this design :)  On one hand you may say how its differant compared to any other meeting room and may think that the owner probably just wanted to spend a fortune on a room that could be built with a fraction of cost but if one  idea can change the destination of a company then its worth trying isn't it. But bringing some more philosophy/logic into the discussion, meeting rooms with good sun light provisions are more likely to invoke new ideas and positive discussions compared to the meeting rooms that purely depend on the artificial lighting.  Any thoughts? 

Created By: Mukul Bajaj      On: 5/7/2008

In coupe light ceiling the depth in which the lights are placed is known as coupes. The lights are placed according to the taste. There are four different types of color available in the coupe lights such as Red, green, blue and yellow. We have preferred the blue color because this color is very soothing to the eyes. These tubes are available in two different sizes as four foot and two foot that can be selected according to the area where it has to be used.
Created By: Love thy community      On: 5/5/2008

Story Title: A 7 star bedroom experience

Hey guys, Check this picture out?  Does it look like a 7 star bedroom experience to you?

1) Smartly concealed lights
2)  Exotic wooden flooring
3) Smart wall papers design, Keep in mind, its never  easy to pull off a primarily black design
4) Beautiful silk sheets
5) Life sized curtains

It doesn't have many functional bedroom features such as bed side reading lights and dresser etc but the scheme looks neat.

What do you think?
Created By: Love thy community      On: 4/14/2008

Story Title: Red rocks

Other day I wrote a post "Dare to go red" about whether we would use a predominant red color in a designs or not.

This one is another favorite of mine, clean look with a red hot sofa. I know that white/cream walls look really neat in a living room and enhance the look for any colored furniture that you place. Whether you go with an orange door or not is a personal choice you could make. As far as I am concerned I won't use the orange door here even though it is my personal fav.

Created By: Love thy community      On: 4/11/2008

Story Title: Fusion book case

Isn't this brilliant? A great combination of form, art and style.  Its just great how the person who designed this book case took the idea probably from a bee hive or an industrial foam packaging and created this wonderful piece of art that would just fill the person with curious feelings. 
And once you have such a nice book case I am sure the whole family would just become a book lover for good.
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Title Painting TIPS
Uploaded on 5/7/2008
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