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What is detailed cost estimate?
A detailed cost estimate is a step by step calculation of the material and labor required to complete a construction project. This document is prepared after analyzing the architectural, structural, elevation and other drawings of the building and has all details about the cost, material and labor involved in a project. For example, it will give you the exact quantity of cement bags, bricks, sand, steel and other raw material required and the prices in your area. This information is immensely useful in completing a construction project within the decided cost.
How would this service help you save money?
1.1) Negotiate well with Contractor: It is normally seen that the contractor quote hefty amount for a construction job if they think that the home owners do not know about the internal calculations. This document will help you negotiate a better price with your contractor. In the current market scenarios these negotiations can save you Lacs of rupees.
1.2) Do not overpay: At the site, a lot of contractors demand money as the work progresses. It happens in both through rate contracts and labor rate contracts. The building owners usually do not have an idea if the work completed at the site equals to the money paid to the contractor. We have seen several cases where Contractors intentionally quote very less compared to the market price and then leave the project midway as soon as the money paid to them is more than their investment. Using our report you can find out how much you should have paid for the work completed at site.
1.3) Ensure that right quantity is used in Construction:Even after the contract is signed, the contractor may not use optimal quantity of raw material. With detailed cost estimate you will know exactly how much material should be used at each stage of construction. You can track the material movement and ensure that right quantity material is used in your building as per the Architect's/Engineer's specifications.
1.4) Material procurement and planning: Material prices fluctuate a lot and can have significant impact during construction. Also, if you know the material usage, you may buy material at bulk which saves considerable amount of money. The detailed cost estimate will tell you exactly how much material you need at each stage so that you can procure and budget the construction material properly.
1.5) Prevent delay in project/Prevent material leakage & theft: Majority of the money wasted in construction is due to the delay in material procurement as each material needs some time to arrive at the site. Use our document to ensure that right quantity of material is available at the site at all time

If you know how much material would be consumed at each stage then you can relate this with the progress of project at site. This will help you catch the pilferage or theft of the material at the site
Save upto 20 times with the detailed cost estimate report?
Our calculations and feedback from our clients have shown that this report gives you 1000% to 2000% return of your investment. The detailed estimate cost are:
Built Area in Square Feet Price of our report Saving Potential
Upto 2000 sq.ft Rs. 2.50 per square feet. Report will help you save from Rs. 25 to Rs. 50 per Square Feet
From 2001 sq.ft to 5000 Sq. Ft Rs. 2.25 per square feet.
From 5001 sq.ft to 10,000 Sq. Ft Rs. 1.75 per square feet.
From 10,001 Sq. Ft onwards Rs. 1.25 per square feet.
What do we do need from you to prepare this report?
We will need architectural plan and other drawings that your architect had provided you have for your home. We review the quantity that is required fr each item and then research the rates from your area.

Sample Detailed Cost Estimate
1) Cost Analysis
1Total Area3214 Sft.
2Total CostRs.3170162 (Rupees Thirty One lac Seventy Thousand One Hundred and sixty Two)
3Cost per Sft.(Total Area/Total Cost)Rs.987 (Rupees Nine Hundred Eighty Seven per Sft.)
2) Specifications chosen by you
Question:What type of flooring are you planning to use in all the rooms?
Your Reply:Either vitrified tile or Granite not exceeding RS 100 per square fee (including laying cost)
Question:Which type of frames is being used for doors and windows?
Your Reply:The main entrance door frame and shutters would be teak. All other frames are padauk wood
Question:Which type of shutters and wood is being used for doors and windows? Would it be deodar wood, hollock wood, teak wood etc.
Your Reply:Windows will have tinted glass shutters
Question:What material are you planning to use on Bathroom and Kitchen Walls?
Your Reply:Normal good quality Sanitary ware.
Question:What type of finishing will be used for Exterior walls?
Your Reply:I'll use good quality exterior paint.
3)Detail of Material (Required for the whole project)
Stage wise material will help you procure the raw material properly. A lot of times, the building owner do not keep track of the material used in their construction and the labor uses this lack of information to either use sub standard material or use less than the specified quantity.
3Bazari or Stone Chippings 12 to 20 mm gauge3200Cft
4Stone Blast / Brick Blast1000Cft
7Polythene Sheet1600Sft
8MS steel bars of different diameter10896Kg.
9Ceramic Tiles866Sft.
10Vitrified Tiles3200Sft.
To know more about purchasing tips of Cement and Bricks click or copy the link below:
Cft=Cubic Feet
4)Detail of Material (Stage Wise)
3Bazari or Stone Chippings 12 to 20 mm gauge550Cft
4Stone Blast / Brick Blast350Cft
7Polythene Sheet250Cft.
8MS steel bars of different diameter1719Kg.
9Ceramic Tiles----
10Vitrified Tiles----
Ground Floor
3Bazari or Stone Chippings 12 to 20 mm gauge1400Cft
4Stone Blast / Brick Blast350Cft
7Polythene Sheet----
8MS steel bars of different diameter4837Kg.
9Ceramic Tiles436Sft.
10Vitrified Tiles1764Sft.
First Floor
3Bazari or Stone Chippings 12 to 20 mm gauge1250Cft
4Stone Blast / Brick Blast300Cft
7Polythene Sheet1350--
8MS steel bars of different diameter4340Kg.
9Ceramic Tiles430Sft.
10Vitrified Tiles1436Sft.
5. Abstract of Cost
Abstract of cost is used for the planning purposes. From the abstract of cost, we will get stage wise and item wise expenditure. With the help of this we can control the expenditure item wise and stage wise and also in better position to deal with contractor & supplier.
1Earth work in excavation in foundation of columns walls includidng dressng the side and ramming the bottom up to 5' lift 2124 Cft 3 6372
2Earth filling with earth available at site from excavation around columns footings , plith beam and masonary in layers including watering and compacting. 2124 Cft 1 2124
3Earth filling under floor with earth brought from out side including carriage of earth, loading, un loading watering and compacting the same. at site around columns footings , plith beam and masonary. 3275 Cft 4 13100
4Supplying and laying sand filling in foundation of footing under PCC 827.6 Cft 50 41380
5Pcc 1:5:10 with granite stone aggrigate of 40mm and down size mechnically mixed and vibrated including laying compacting as per requirement. 366.4 Cft 70 25648
6Cement concrete 1:1.5:3 with stone chipping or bazri 12 mm to 20 mm gauze in fondation of columns footings, plinth beam etc including centering and shuttering but excluding steel re-enforcement mechanically mixed and vibrated complete in position asper specification. 573 Cft 140 80220
6. Detail of Quantities
Abstract or detail of quantities provides us quantities required to complete the construction. With the help of this we are able to know the quantities of each item stage wise, unit wise and this will help in doing agreement, procurement of raw materials according to need. Save wastage in materials , labor. and timely construction.
#Particulars No.sL
1Earth work in excavation in foundation of columns walls includidng dressng the side and ramming the bottom up to7' lift
Columns footings
Footing I 4 4 4 5 320 cft.
Footing II 8 4 4 5 640 cft.
Footing IV 4 4 5 5 400 cft.
Plinth beam bed1,2 and toilet vertical 2 40 1.5 1.5 180 cft.
Plinth beam bed1,2 and toilet internal 4 12.5 1.5 1.5 112.5 cft.
Plinth beam toilet internal 1 8.5 1.5 1.5 19.13 cft.
Plinth beam toilet internal 1 10.33 1.5 1.5 23.24 cft.
Plinth beam right side 1 52 1.5 1.5 117 cft.
Plinth beam living, study, kitchen. 3 21.5 1.5 1.5 145.1 cft.
Plinth beam kitchen. 1 14 1.5 1.5 31.5 cft.
Plinth beam kitchen. 1 11.25 1.5 1.5 25.31 cft.
Plinth beam living 1 13.25 1.5 1.5 29.81 cft.
Total 2124 cft
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