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Find home construction articles, tips, videos, and photos on home construction projects. GharExpert provides you the opportunity to explore all aspects of architecture, construction facts, raw material buying tips, home design, Plumbing and sanitary, house orientation, landscape design, Home safety and security with articles, photos, building plans, directories, net links, discussion forums, and more.For anyone who wants to know about the basic principles of construction, GharExpert provides articles and Civil Engineers expert support to bring solution for your problems. For more advanced information just go through the categories in construction.

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Construction->  Door and Window Frames
Door and Window Frames
Frames of doors and windows are most important parts of your doors and windows. They are available in different size, height, width and shapes. Frames hold locks and hinges and support door and windows to shut and open easily. Here is what you need to know about different doors and windows frames.
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Construction-> Post Painting Works
Post Painting Works
Getting your home painted is a hard job. You have to handle lots of problems after painting is over for giving final touch to your work.
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Construction-> Surface Preparation and Painting Tips
Surface Preparation and Painting Tips
Whether you are going to paint a newly constructed wall or old one, These surface preparation tips will help you in getting better result for painting your wall, room or even complete home.
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Construction-> Specifications of marble stone flooring
Specifications of marble stone flooring
Marble stone is one of the common and best components for flooring. Use of marble provides a shining and impressive look to the complete structure of your home or work place. Good knowledge and useful tips will make you more comfortable while going for marble flooring. So just read on.
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Construction-> Type of Steel Bars
Type of Steel Bars
Different steel bars are recommended for their relative tensile stresses.Steel bars are major components of construction.Here is what you need to know about steel bars (Sariya).
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Construction-> Paint for interior and exterior walls
Paint for interior and exterior walls
Do you think that wall of your room looks very dull and uninviting? If you want to paint interior or exterior walls of your home but confused that which paint to do on interior walls and which to do on exterior walls, then here are some tips to help you
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Construction-> Detailed construction cost estimate can save you thousands!
Detailed construction cost estimate can save you thousands!
An accurate cost estimation has a key role in all construction projects. It is a time consuming excercise but can result in huge savings at the time of material purchase and implementation of the project.
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Construction-> Specification of Steel
Specification of Steel
The steel should be free from cracks, surface flaw, jagged and imperfect edges. It should also be free from excessive rust, scaling and tilting.
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Construction-> Painting Methods
Painting Methods
To become a master in the skills of paint you need to know how to utilize the medium- paint in different ways. Here is the right information to help you know more about painting.
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Construction-> Tips for French Polishing
Tips for French Polishing
French polish is a technique of shellac that provides lofty shinning and brilliant glow and exposes all depth and color of the wood.
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Construction-> Tips for Varnish
Tips for Varnish
Varnish gives transparent and protective finish which is used to polish wood surfaces. It can be mixed with glaze to create various textures and patterns.
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Construction-> Tips for Cement Paint
Tips for Cement Paint
Cement paint gives best results when applied on newly constructed concrete surface. It can be applied on external surfaces and bricks too.
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Construction-> Filler Slab-Cost Effective Construction
Filler Slab-Cost Effective Construction
There is a difference between cheap construction practices and cost effective ones. There are techniques that not only save upfront money but also help save on our electricity bills through thermal insulation.
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Construction-> Cost Efficient Architecture
Cost Efficient Architecture
With the natural resources already getting stressed, we look at an architect's work who advocated durable, functional, aesthetic and more importantly cost effective designs closer to mother nature.
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Construction-> Purchasing Guidelines for Timber
Purchasing Guidelines for Timber
Timber should be of first grade and be free from decay, fungal growth, boxed heart, pitch pocket or streaks on the split
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Related tips
  • Apply roof flashing technique to prevent water leakage from the roof.
  • Do not use defective or naked wires for electrical appliance in your bathroom.
  • Vastu suggests that Staircase be built in southern or western part of the office.
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