House Plans
House Plans
Anil Ambani"s Home Pic-8
Anil Ambani's Home Pic-8
Anil Ambani Home Pic-1
Anil Ambani Home Pic-1
Anil Ambani"s Home Pic-4
Anil Ambani's Home Pic-4
Anil Ambani"s Home Pic-9
Anil Ambani's Home Pic-9
Anil Ambani"s Home Pic-6
Anil Ambani's Home Pic-6
Anil Ambani"s Home Pic-2
Anil Ambani's Home Pic-2
Anil Ambani"s Home Pic-3
Anil Ambani's Home Pic-3
Anil Ambani"s Home Pic-5
Anil Ambani's Home Pic-5
Home elevation photo for a simple two storey home
Home elevation photo fo...
View of on going project at SAHAPURA near JAIPUR.
Combination of exposed brick cladding & painted plaster surface.
Mr. Anil Sharma, Shahap...
I have attached the home design the size of construction is around 615 i.,e 24.8 x 24.7 East face, the problem is Upper Stairs above the kitchen  due to cut of north east main entrance we have adjusted the  Kitchen and staircase, now  I need suggestion from you either we can go as it is or we have make any modification, also outside stair in south east, shall we construct a toilet in Landing showing in southeast.
Playing with Home Room ...
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