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  anel kummar nair - ConsultantUpdated on 6/10/2008  


      I am feng shui master and trainer Anel Kummar Nair here and i have been seeing  in my 11 years of feng shui practice that people have misconceptions about what feng shui is all about as they have been seeing or following  the pop (westernised) version of feng shui which talks about the placement of certain chinese good luck items such as laughing buddha,winchimes,frogs with coins in their mouths etc etc. let me first educate you, feng shui has nothing to do with such items of placement and no feng shui classics written by age old feng shui masters dating around 2500 years talks about these objects but they talk about how to tap and harness chi from the surrounding landforms and environment around our property and use it for improving the quality of our lives to bring about tremendous increase in wealth, health,prosperity,relationship, career and other aspects of our lives.

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Why one should apply Vastushastra?

Hi, This is Feng Shui master and trainer Anel Kummar Nair here and i have read some posts of your site and i am astonished to see that people think that feng shui is all about the house and its placement of kitchen,bedrooms and water tanks etc.this is only true in the minutest form. in fact the most important factor when doing authentic feng shui is about analysing your environment and sur.
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  25 August, 2019
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Address: Bungalow no 13, 2nd floor, sion koliwada,behind canara bank
City: Mumbai
Country: India
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