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  Abhishek VohraUpdated on 12/15/2014  
Hi...My name is Abhishek Vohra and I am a Vastu consultant...For any queries related to Vastu, you can contact me...
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Dear Sir,I need your advice on the new house, which I have recently booked and i

Hi Esha,As per Vastu, it is recommended to have a separate bathroom and not in any bedrooms. Best location for a bathroom is East.However, as mentioned by you, your bathroom is above the level of master bedroom.I would recommend you to even the level the floor of bathroom with bedroom or increase the floor level of bedroom from bathroom.Make sure the water drains out towards North or East directio.

i have 600 sq feet plot opp to devi temple at nandhi lay out bangalore between p

Sir,I am Abhishek Vohra and I am a Vastu consultant.As per Vastu, I won't recommend you build your plot as it is not advisable to build a residential plot near temple as it is public area.Also, please check as on which direction is the road. I would suggest entry from North East or East direction if it's possible for you for residential purpose and west or south for commercial purpose..
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  1 December, 2021
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