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  G N Shaikh - ArchitectUpdated on 1/11/2011  
Name G N Shaikh Qualification Qualified from India, USA in Engineering and Interior Designing. GRC trained from UK Membership Member of International Who’s Who Professionals USA Member of GRC Association UK Experience 20 years work as Planner, Designer of Palaces, Luxury villas, Schools, Collages, Hotels, Beach houses, Resorts, Mosques, Recreation centers, Super/Hyper Market Residential and Official Buildings, Land development, Residential Compound Specialization Specialized in Planning and Designing of Victorian, European, American style Palaces, Mansion, Luxury Villas, Residential/Official/Educational Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Mosques, Markets, in Circular, Octagonal, Angled, Square, Rectangular form with pitch/flat roof with GRC in Classical & Ornamental design. Plain and Ornamental suspended false ceiling with Central Air Condition. Outdoor/Indoor swimming pool, Landscaping, waterfall, Dual Kitchen with cabinet and trellis. Designing of Exterior Elevation with classical Victorian Style with GRC and modern façade with glass, marble, stone etc.
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G N Shaikh Architect 

Royal Interior

Royal Interior
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i want desings of fall ceiling in apartment flat

First of all I want to correct the word that it is false ceiling and not fall ceiling. It is made by POP. wood, gypsum board, metal, cloth, fiber etc... to decorate the ceiling and protect from heat, cover up the obstacles, better light fitting and to reduced the height of ceiling to look cozy. It can be ornamental or plain designs and can be painted in different colors as you like. There should .

sand alternate for concrete

Today‘s technology is very vast. There are many manufacture of artificial sand from crushed stone are there in our country and also in Maharashtra. It is very useful invention for the concrete as concrete needs stony materials and not plastic type. Now days it is commonly sued. .

does a home near temple is good?

I am fully agreed with the post above as Temples or any religious places are the public property. Pray is offered loudly and publicly. certainly you will be disturbed..
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  2 October, 2023
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