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Pricing Guidelines
Detailed Construction Cost Estimates
Up to 2000 sq.ft area= Rs.3.00 per sq.ft.
From 2001 to 5000 sq.ft area= Rs.2.50 per sq.ft.
From 5001 to 10000 sq.ft area= Rs.2.00 per sq.ft.
Above 10000 sq.ft area= Rs.1.50 per sq.ft.
Design queries start Rs. 500/
Vastu Queries
1. General Vastu Inquiry: A simple inquiry that does not involve any scanning of a layout: Rs. 250/-
2. General Vastu Inquiry: An inquiry that lists a number of problems say 4-5 but does not involve scanning of layout: 500/-
3. Vastu based Remodelling/Renovation: An inquiry that has a layout and needs remedies based on the layout for a number of problems say 4 to 5: 1500/-
4. Vastu based Remodelling/Renovation: An inquiry that has a layout and needs remedies as well as an alternate vastu compliant plan: 2500/-
5. Vastu based Construction: A Vastu compliant scaled layout with remedies or placement of internal and external features. Plot area upto 300 Square Yards: 3000/- and Rs. 5000 for area upto 1000 square yards.
6. Vastu based Construction: A complete vastu analysis for plots which involves building a structure on a piece of land upto 300 square yards: 5000/- and 10,000 upto 1000 square yards.
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