Mindi (Marindi) Wood
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Mindi (Marindi) Wood
Raw Material
Marindi wood is currently being imported from Malaysia. The tree usually grow to to a  height of 45 meters and their stem is cylindrical shape.

Implementation Raw Material
Marindi wood is available in the market as Timber logs. If you buy a log then you would need to cut the log into the required frame sizes and then let the wood season. Seasoning is a process where you let the moisture in the wood dry to an optimal level. In normal dry warm weather, it is suggested that seasoning for about one month is recommended. After seasoning the timber logs, the logs are then used in the construction work as required.
Marandi ( Mindi)wood have a smooth surface and can be finished using Paint, Polishing or Varnish
  • Marandi  wood is also strong and durable wood that’s why it needs a little maintenance. 
  • Daily care such as wiping the furniture with cloth can provide your furniture a long life. 
  • Periodical painting and polishing is required as per the usage of the item
  • Marandi wood is a kind of hardwood, durable and resistance to water. 
  • It provides a charming appearance with high efficiency.
  • Easy to handle, polish and work with. 
  • Polishing can make a good surface and  is resistance to termite.

Marindi is expensive than Sal wood.
Marandi wood is used in door and window frame, shutter. 
Marandi wood weight range from 800- 900 kg/ cum.
It is closer grained, tough and durable.
Termite effect
It immune to white ant and insects attack for long period. How ever not always immune from fungus attack.
It is strong and durable wood.
Color Range
Brownish grey color.
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victor riaño: Sep 13 2012 10:17PM
excellent wood, resembles coba wood
alok: May 31 2012 4:52PM
very good
sURENDER SINGH: May 21 2015 4:33PM
jeeva: Aug 13 2012 10:36PM
pls send how to find real teak wood with normal wood
bharat: Aug 11 2012 12:09PM
dd dd
cherry: Apr 21 2012 2:40PM
liked it
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