Gardening for Beauty and Relaxation
ALL channels Gardening for Beauty and Relaxation
Gardening for Beauty and Relaxation
Gardening for Beauty and Relaxation
Gardening is a wonderful and relaxing hobby. If you love gardening, you are not alone. Many people are indulging in this hobby.

By Nidhi
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Starting a Garden
Starting a Garden
Posted on : Tuesday, September 1,2009
So, you want to be a Gardner. First you should understand that gardening is not simply planting flowers or trees.
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Garden Decoration
Garden Decoration
Posted on : Saturday, April 25,2009
In addition to beautiful flowers and plants there is so much you can do to beautify your garden. You can add some other features like fountain, sculpture, swings etc. The right garden decor can make your garden beautiful and unique.
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How to Grow Roses
How to Grow Roses
Posted on : Friday, March 20,2009
Planting roses is an excellent beginning towards seeking beauty through nature. It’s an amazing job and needs skills to set up right ground, light and atmosphere. Proper sunlight is very helpful in growing roses.
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Indoor Gardening
Indoor Gardening
Posted on : Friday, October 24,2008
‘Indoor Gardening’ gives you the opportunity to seek natural beauty at home. A nice combination of plants and their flowers provides a pleasure to all members of the family. Such gardening is right solution to small spaces and can be very useful to enhance loveliness of entire house whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen.
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Tips for Watering Plants
Tips for Watering Plants
Posted on : Saturday, October 11,2008
The most important aspect of a successful garden is proper watering care given to plants. Too much or too less water will drown the plants. Gardner’s should learn the proper techniques about watering plants.
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Garden Pest Control
Garden Pest Control
Posted on : Friday, October 3,2008
Pests cause a lot of damage to your garden and can destroy entire beauty of a garden. It is essential to get rid of pests to save your garden. The healthy way to get rid of unwanted insects is to use organic method. Here are some tips on organic pest control.
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Magic of Morning Glory Flower
Magic of Morning Glory Flower
Posted on : Wednesday, September 17,2008
Do you want to see fresh flowers daily, ‘Morning Glory Flower’ is the best option for that. New flowers bloom everyday. Morning glory is also very fast growing vine and will reach 10 feet within the first two months after the seed sprouts.
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Design a Cottage Garden
Design a Cottage Garden
Posted on : Saturday, August 23,2008
Cottage garden gives charm with an informal style of garden. The cottage garden style consists of lots of plants, flowers, herbs with pathways. Cottage gardens were originally constructed to utilize space for family needs. This means flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs together in a small garden.
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Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden
Posted on : Monday, August 11,2008
Vegetable garden refers to a garden that consists of edible plants. In flats vegetables can be grown in window boxes. For small gardens, you can plant some vegetables in containers.
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Container Gardening
Container Gardening
Posted on : Wednesday, August 6,2008
Container gardening is the practice of growing plants in containers. It is gaining popularity in small spaces and in existing gardens for accent. A small porch, balcony and terrace can boast a garden of flowers or a crop of vegetables and ornamental plants.
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