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Construction Stories
Love them or leave them; but these real life incidents have a lot to teach us about the construction techniques and the problems that may occur if these are not followed properly.

S L Gupta (Civil Engg)
By S L Gupta (Civil Engg)
I am a civil engineering expert and I have been in the construction industry for almost 40 years. I have seen the industry grow from manual to hi-tech work techniques and currently I am working as a c...
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Consequences of not marking Layout of building before starting construction work
Consequences of not marking Layout of building before starting construction work
Posted on : Monday, August 31,2009
Here I am highlighting one glaring incident that took place due to not marking “LAYOUT” of building properly before starting construction work. All this happened due to ignorance, negligence and desire to save money by not marking centre line, base line etc.
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Consequences of not doing centering and shuttering properly!
Posted on : Monday, July 27,2009
I have been in the construction industry for the last 40 years and so many new techniques have come up since I started but still if we fail to follow the principals during the execution of construction projects, a lot can go wrong. In this channel, I’ll share some of the stories from my own experience in this industry.
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Detailed construction cost estimate can save you thousands of rupees during construction
Detailed construction cost estimate can save you thousands of rupees during construction
Posted on : Monday, April 13,2009
An accurate cost estimation has a key role in all construction projects. It is a time consuming exercise but can result in huge savings at the time of material purchase and implementation of the project.
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Consequence of not curing
Consequence of not curing
Posted on : Thursday, June 12,2008
To keep all construction works wet; small or big such as brick work, cement concrete, cement plaster etc. in which cement is used, is called curing. It’s an important aspect of construction work and is especially most important in case of cement concrete work. Properly cured cement concrete is hard, stronger and durable.
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