Master Bedroom


Master bedroom is designed for the head of the family; usually for husband and wife. The bedroom is mainly equipped with a queen-size bed or king size bed and dresser. However, today a master bedroom has been changed into a room which provides the greatest calm and richness. 

Master bedroom includes a dressing table, closet, mirrors, wet bars, combined bathroom and elegant furniture. The furniture of master bedroom comes in a variety of styles such as traditional and contemporary. It has great difference with other bedrooms as it is made of solid wood and metals. The room may be decorated in many ways. The following are some of the approaches for ornamentation of the room.

Master Bedroom design

Master Bedroom

(Master Bedroom)

( This Picture is Contributed by "Swati Taneja" )

Apply Relaxing Colors

Colors give character and subtle glow to the room. Soothing and refreshing colors like green, ivory and slate blue for master bedroom reflect light without shadow. Decorating walls is not simply about applying colors but creating visual effects to the whole of the room also. Light color in master bedroom gives relaxing atmosphere. The color of wall and ceiling should match with the theme of the room so that it may add ornamental feels to the room.

Relaxing Colors in Master Bedroom

(Relaxing Colors in Master Bedroom)

Use Trendy Furniture

Select any furniture for master bedroom but it does not create a clutter inside the room.  Also make sure that the furniture will blend well with the paint colors of the room. Choose stylish and different designs of the furniture for master bedroom as compared to other bedroom. 

  • Dresser:
  • It is an essential piece of furniture for master bedroom and is used to adorn. The mirror on dressing table is used for decorative purposes and makes room look large. It’s also used as a storage purposes. It should be to the left of the bed in the room. 

  • Storage Chests:
  • It is an important piece of furniture used to store things in master bedroom.  

Spruce Up With Romantic Lighting

Lighting should be designed carefully in master bedroom. It is not too harsh or too calm in master bedroom. A master bedroom usually has a nightstand with one or two drawers placed at the side of the bed. Nightstands are essential for spreading a warm glow into the room. They not only cheer up but add to the furnishing also. They must match with the entire design/decor of the room. Chandeliers are a wonderful lighting choice and add a romantic theme in master bedroom.  

Decorative Lighting in Master Bedroom

(Decorative Lighting in Master Bedroom)

( This Picture is Contributed by " Tanya Batra" )

Beautiful Ceiling in Master Bedroom

(Beautiful Ceiling in Master Bedroom)

( This Picture is Contributed by " Saksham Wadhwa" )

Make Use of Nice Flooring

Different types of floorings such as hardwood flooring; wooden laminate flooring can be used in master bedroom. You can give warm and cozy feel to your master bedroom by applying wooden laminate flooring. Periodical polishing on hardwood flooring keep it strong.

Master Bedroom Wooden Flooring

(Master Bedroom Wooden Flooring)

  • Carpets:
  • Carpet is the most common choice for floors to create luxurious feel in bedroom. Nothing adds warmth and luxury to the room the way carpets do.  Rugs are also used in master bedroom to give decorative touch to the room.

 Master Bedroom Carpets

(Master Bedroom Carpets)


Apply Cute Window Treatment

Windows give finishing touch to the bedroom. Cover windows with curtains so that you may open and close them anytime. They maintain privacy to the space whenever you need. There is a wide variety of window treatments. You can choose the best ones that match with the atmosphere of the room. You can use valances, drapers for windows as they are of light weight. You can even use wooden blinds as they add luxurious feel to the room. It is better to have large window in bedroom as it gives natural light in the room. 

Types of ceilings used in master bedroom are:

  • Tray Ceiling

Bedroom Window Valances

(Bedroom Window Valances)

( This Picture is Contributed by " Tanya Batra")

  • Woodcarving Ceiling

  • Crown Molding Ceiling

    • Cheer Up With Fresh Flowers

      Flowers spread fragrance in master bedroom. They refresh and spruce up the place. You can decorate master bedroom with flowers, nice photos and modern works of art on the wall. You can put flowers on dresser or on nightstand. 

      Bedside Flower Vase

      (Bedside Flower Vase)

      ( This Picture is Contributed by " Saksham Wadhwa" )

      Apply Decorative Touch with Fire Place

      Fireplace is another decorative addition to the bedroom and creates a romantic atmosphere in the room. A beautiful fireplace gives a royal look to the bedroom. It gives warm and romantic feeling to the room. It makes the place functional but beautiful as well.

      Fireplace in Bedroom

      (Fireplace in Bedroom)

      ( This Picture is Contributed by " Saksham Wadhwa" )


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      Window curtains and other stand alone items should be discussed with types & patterns.
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      Uploaded the pic of my master bedroom.How do I enhance the look of the bedroom?Please suggest.
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      its really nice. it helps me to decorate master bedroom of my client. as iam a interior designer.

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      its really nice. it helps me to decorate master bedroom of my client. as iam a interior designer.

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      Nice bedrooms......
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      the combination of colours and furnishing of all the rooms are out of this world.
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      I beleive soon I will turn my daydreams into reality by having a fantastic house like these.
      pattie holliday
      By pattie holliday -  On  7/30/2008 5:26:45 AM
      I have a studio type apartment that I built myself. I have it set up in a similair design as you have in the pic only yours is a lot more beautiful design. I just wanted to let you know that I love yor design.
      L.  Das
      By L. Das -  On  7/4/2008 8:30:57 PM
      basic informations
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      Master Bedroom
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