Vastu for Living Room


According to Vastu Shastra living room or drawing room should be located in east or north direction. The ideal location of a living room depends on plot facing. The living room can be in northeast direction for east and north facing house. The living room can be in northwest for west facing house. In south facing house, living room can be in southeast.   

Where to Place Furniture as per Vastu

  The furniture should be placed in west or south direction. The furniture such as showcase or heavy articles etc. should be in south or west direction. It should be rectangular or square, not in oval, circular or odd shape. 

Television, A.C and Telephone Place according to Vastu

  T.V. should be placed in southeast direction. Living room vastu opposes to place T.V. in north-east or south-west corner.

Cooler or A.C should be placed in west or north direction. Avoid A.C or Cooler in southeast and northwest. Telephone should be placed in East, North or south-east. It should not be in south-west or the north-west corners. 

Aquarium Placement as per Vastu Directions

Aquariums are beneficial to place in the North, East and North-East of living room. The faults related to north-west corner can be corrected by putting an aquarium. Avoid aquarium in south direction as it draws out positive energies from house.

Painting and Pictures according to Vastu

The use of painting can create a pleasant environment in the room. Painting of waterfall, rising sun provides positive energy. Avoid paintings that symbolize death, violence and negative aspects of life.

Vastu Color Scheme

The color of wall in living room should be white, yellow, blue or green. Prefer light color over dark colors. Avoid black and red color in living room.

Vastu and Lighting

Lighting of living room should be bright. If chandelier is in living room, it should be slightly towards west, not at the centre of the room.      

Vastu for Doors and Windows

The door of living room should be in east or north direction because doors are very auspicious in these directions. There should not be a photograph of any God in living room or at entrance door. Windows in east and north are beneficial. 

Living room vastu

Vastu Tips for Living Room

  • The East and North are best directions for living room. 
  • The furniture should be square or rectangular.
  • Air-conditioner or cooler should be placed in West direction, not in South-east.
  • Portraits of women, animals, birds, scene of war should never be displayed in living room.
  • The sitting arrangement for the head of family should be in East or North direction.  
  • A painting showing depression should not be placed on a wall.
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By Anonymous - On 7/24/2015 6:44:01 PM
sir can we place the telivision on the east wall
By Ravin -  On  3/24/2015 5:07:13 PM
Drawing room is always located at the easy access closer to the main entrance door, called the ‘Mukhya Dwaar’. Therefore it may depict an instant impact on the guests, friends, neighbourers, relatives and business clients etc.The above article has very relevant for living room. I have also read another article written by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, one of the renowned scholar of Vaastu Sashtra. You can also view it:
Vaastu Tips for interiors of your living room
By sudhakar -  On  2/27/2015 6:59:29 AM
By Anonymous - On 11/29/2014 9:01:35 PM
What colours of furniture cupboard in living room
By MUHAMMAD TAYYAB -  On  10/24/2014 4:52:45 PM
i have a newly constructed house and i need to modernize it according to new practices. can any architect help me out???
aarti pawaria
By aarti pawaria -  On  4/13/2014 10:29:35 PM
i have a plot whose size is 27'8" by 65. plot is facing west. plz provide me the good map plan for my plot.
Rakesh Raval
By Rakesh Raval -  On  4/5/2013 10:01:36 PM
My house Main door in North-West direction.Means in Vayavya..So please what i do ?is good or not?if not then give me solution..
i keep my sofa main is it rght
By Anonymous - On 3/11/2013 10:08:24 PM
there is so information.....
Vilas Ramachandra Kotekar
By Vilas Ramachandra Kotekar -  On  3/4/2013 11:50:49 AM
Very Nice Article, I am immensely guided,benefited Thank You, With Regards
By Anonymous - On 2/8/2013 4:18:16 PM
thanks a lot this information this this page is very helpful..
By madhu -  On  1/30/2013 3:46:19 PM
all the information provided in this website is very informative and helpful. thanks
By brijesh -  On  8/30/2012 2:25:29 PM
all the data in the site, is too much helpful & have detailed information of each and everything.

Good work !
By brijesh -  On  8/30/2012 2:19:52 PM
can i place a 6 feet tall & 2 feet broad, glass wall ancient lady picture in the hall or bedroom ?
Picture background is black and color of clothes is pink & violet.

Pl suggest, whr can i place the picture, bedroom or hall.
By tvikram -  On  7/28/2012 11:45:28 AM
My house is a west facing duplex house. In ground floor we had 6 doors and 1st floor 6 doors and 2nd floor 2 doors 1 for exit from stair case and the other for room in entry to pent house.This pent house room had a attached bathroom.I need to put a plastic shutter without frame or aluminium glass slider to act as door, will this also counts to the number of doors.At present now it 14 doors.
anand jaiswal
By anand jaiswal -  On  3/31/2012 8:49:55 PM
so beautiful
By Anonymous - On 3/30/2012 2:14:09 PM
This information is very useful for us.
Thanks & Regards
Nareshchandra Kamble
By Anonymous - On 12/15/2011 2:18:23 PM
Most ppl have no brains... the corners are to me named "NE/SW/NW/SW" it's not "N/E/W/S" as done here. It's so confusing. Instead they name the midpoints as NESW etc., Funny??
By DHIVAKAR D -  On  12/7/2011 4:14:27 PM
Where to keep my late grandfather's photo frame at home??
By Anonymous - On 10/3/2011 6:13:27 PM
Vry nic.I am VASTUVISHRAD.but my family not trust me.friends and relative took benefit of my knolege.but my family trust me after see this site. THANKS A MILLION. SEND MORE INFORMATION ON MY EMAIL.
By Anonymous - On 10/3/2011 6:03:40 PM
Very nice.I am VASTUVISHARAD. your site force my family colour
By Anonymous - On 7/21/2011 10:12:57 AM
Its Very Good
By Anonymous - On 6/10/2011 6:48:25 AM
we wan,t to meet you personnaly for our existing house.We are staying in ahmedabad. Kindly let us know your appointmennt and where we ahve to meet you. Indravadan Patel
By thirthesh -  On  4/22/2011 3:23:27 PM
in south east can bath room comes
By vaastu1 -  On  2/28/2011 9:14:32 PM
Visit this for more information on vastu shastra for house
By Anonymous - On 2/15/2011 4:02:16 PM
its most usag for all people
By Anonymous - On 1/3/2011 12:11:19 PM
very useful
By Anonymous - On 11/18/2010 9:57:08 PM
Sir , it says in the article that a southfacing house can have a living room in SE .generally it is said that SE must have kitchen in it .My plot is south facing ,main entrance to building is EAST from gallery of my house
R S Dubey
By R S Dubey -  On  11/18/2010 9:50:13 AM
Can we have Drawing place in Brahmsthan.
narsimha rao
By narsimha rao -  On  11/6/2010 1:27:16 AM
By psp -  On  10/24/2010 9:04:49 PM
While sitting in living room can we arrange sofa in north i.e. facing towards south
By sujata -  On  10/12/2010 5:51:53 AM
i really liked your article. it is really helpful.
Chaitali R Patil
By Chaitali R Patil -  On  10/5/2010 8:26:11 PM
The ideal location of a living room depends on plot facing. means what dint got it.
By Anonymous - On 10/3/2010 8:39:01 PM
I want to know about suitable position of water fall frame in drawing room which side?
By B.Radhakrishnan -  On  9/6/2010 2:24:20 PM
Very useful.
By amal -  On  9/5/2010 5:32:46 PM
what should be the almirah and bed direction in a room
By amal -  On  9/5/2010 5:30:47 PM
I am interested to know about the suitable position of mirror (the side)
By poonam -  On  8/28/2010 10:08:55 PM
pls tell me if the house is facing(MAIN GATE) east but the entrance(MAIN DOOR) to the drawing room is SE,where could b the locker room,puja room,and main bed room?
By poonam -  On  8/28/2010 10:05:58 PM
i want to know when we place any thing like sofa, almirah etc in our home,it should be kept looking at the directions of house or a particular room?
By poonam -  On  8/28/2010 9:48:44 PM
hello,i want to know that if the entrance of house is SW,where should be the puja room,drawing room and main bedroom?
By Anonymous - On 8/20/2010 2:57:00 PM
can i place mandir in kitchen ??
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  • Pooja Room should not be locate under the stairs
  • Vastu recommends that you avoid black and gray color in your home as these may cause frustration and depression.
  • Having a mirror on the wall opposite to the foot of bed can disturb your sleep; cover the mirror at night for more restful sleep.
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