Locker Room Vastu


According to vastu ‘Locker Room’ should be located in north direction of the house. If  locker room/strong room is located in wrong position, the outflow of money is much as compared to inflow. The locker room should be fully secured and safe for keeping cash, jewelry and ornaments. 

Shape of Room

Locker room should be of square or rectangular shape. Odd shaped locker room is not good. Any side of room should not be extended. The height of locker room should not be less than that of other rooms. 

Locker Location

Locker/Almirah should be placed in south side of the room leaving south-east and south-west of the room. The locker should have its back towards south wall and front towards north wall. Avoid placing locker in north-east corner as it can cause loss of wealth. Locker in south-east and north-west corner can lead to unnecessary expenditure.

Locker should be placed 1 inch away from the wall. Care should be taken that it is at least 1 foot away from north-west or south-west corner. Due to paucity of space locker can be placed in the East.

Doors and Windows

The locker room should have only one door with two shutters. The doors of locker room should be in north or east direction. It should not have doors in south-east, south-west, north-west and in south directions. Windows should be in east and north directions in this room.

Color Scheme

The wall and floor of locker room should be of  yellow color. This will lead to increment in wealth.

Vastu locker room

Tips for Locker Room

  •  North is an excellent location for the room.
  •  East is alternate location for this room. 
  •  Locker should not be placed under the beam.
  •  It should not be placed in a corner of the room also.  
  •  Locker room should be clean and clutter free. 
  •  Gold, silver and other valuables should be kept in western or southern part of the locker.  
  •  A mirror should be hanged to reflect locker. It doubles the opportunity to gain wealth.  
  •  The fountain increases the inflow of money. A fountain with gentle sound of water is just a thing to move positive energy through the space. 
  •  A birdbath or feeder in house yard to attract wildlife increases the amount of energy around your house as well as brings wealth in life.  



34  Comment(s)
By Anonymous - On 7/2/2013 3:01:10 PM
Very useful......i jst wanna know dat wat type of paintings shud be der in wall decor nd which dirrections, so dat it will be benifit for us?
By Jagajothi -  On  7/17/2012 12:02:17 AM
very much interesting,and very useful in my day to day life, but also I want to say something about the drawings better the house drawing should be square or rectangle, I watch that most of your drAWINGS PULLED BY ONE CORNER.
By Anonymous - On 7/16/2012 9:44:21 AM
you are writing locar room vastu on top and is giving layout in the bottom ,whereas u can see the digram is representing completely opposite to what u are writing,be clear in this
By kalyan -  On  10/31/2011 11:21:55 AM
Hi All,

What shoud be the brothers bed room allocation, if 3 brothers are there and 3 bed rooms in home.(2). how the floors should be allocated to 3 brothers if 3 brothers are there.

By aariladisha -  On  12/21/2010 9:59:58 PM
My locker room doors in south-east and its in south directions.
By aariladisha -  On  12/21/2010 9:57:53 PM
my bed room have doors in south-east directions what can I do.
By Anonymous - On 12/17/2010 3:05:14 AM
IN my house many disturbance is form and money losses n my house .what can i do ?
Ahmed Mujib B R
By Ahmed Mujib B R -  On  11/8/2010 5:44:52 PM
Very informative regarding construction.
trupti naik
By trupti naik -  On  9/25/2010 10:25:28 PM
Information Khup changali aahe.Hya mahitichya aadhare lifemadhye barech changes ghadavata yetil. Kalat-nakalat baryach goshti apposite directiomadhye vaparat hote,ata change karun baghen.
avantika jalan
By avantika jalan -  On  9/16/2010 11:50:29 AM
I want to know whether we can keep our locker inside the almirah which is used for daily purpose?
By Anonymous - On 9/9/2010 11:07:19 AM
i want to know wich side keep medicine in room
By Anonymous - On 9/9/2010 11:05:05 AM
i want to know wich side keep medicine in room
By ravi -  On  8/15/2010 8:17:26 PM
my flat has two entry door one facing south and other facing west which will be the best suited door for main entry?
By Renuka -  On  7/28/2010 11:45:31 AM
Really this site has given me lots of idea on the construction of house.
By pia -  On  7/8/2010 12:23:14 AM
first time i m using this site
nd it's really a good site
By pia -  On  7/8/2010 12:17:54 AM
i want to know abt
which color i use in study room
By Rakes -  On  6/5/2010 5:18:52 PM
the room will be a problem as we cannot use North or East side of the building.
By Anonymous - On 3/20/2010 6:29:21 PM

We are running an Educational Institution. The Centre Head's cabin is in South-West side of the house. The locker is kept in that room on the south wall. Will the position of the room will be a problem as we cannot use North or East side of the building.
By trisha -  On  11/5/2009 9:12:20 PM
Could a locker be placed in an almirah which is used for daily use, or it should be used occasionaly?
By b.arunaseshan -  On  9/30/2009 3:13:09 PM
my flat enterence is north facing..but enterence for whole appartment is north west.having west it good?
By Vinika -  On  8/31/2009 3:42:47 PM
Please checkout the link below to know about the Home improvement.

Home Improvement


By KARTHIKEYAN G -  On  8/29/2009 6:41:13 AM

I like to know about home improvement.


By ANEEL BHAMBRA -  On  4/2/2009 9:27:41 PM
very interesting tips
Suresh Kumar Dara
By Suresh Kumar Dara -  On  2/20/2009 1:24:13 AM
found very good
By Anonymous - On 12/23/2008 5:27:37 PM
my kichen is northwest direction pl. give the solution for that
By Anonymous - On 11/18/2008 1:13:36 PM
what colors should be used for financial office by vastu?
By sonia -  On  7/2/2008 3:07:15 PM
nice article,easy to understant for learners
By muthu -  On  6/29/2008 12:59:26 AM
sir according to vaastu kubera mulla is in mid-north then why dont we place our locker in northen part of our home facing south and tell me what are its effect
sabina vanjani
By sabina vanjani -  On  6/14/2008 5:34:20 PM
The locker may face East but what direction is the safe kept in...make sure it is not NW.
By karanvir -  On  6/14/2008 1:55:46 PM
my safe face is east but there is no mony stand. what i can do?
By PritiArora -  On  6/3/2008 4:08:30 PM
North is governed by the God Kubera (Deity of Wealth) and Southwest corner is governed by Putna demoness.
By PritiArora -  On  6/3/2008 4:04:31 PM
North is governed by the God Kubera (Deity of Wealth) and Southwest corner is governed by Putna demoness.
By PritiArora -  On  6/3/2008 4:03:11 PM
North is governed by the God Kubera (Deity of Wealth) and Southwest corner is governed by Putna demoness.
By M.ASHOK GOVINDARAJ -  On  6/3/2008 2:34:57 PM
Traditionally the south west corner of a building is considered as the Kubera(Deity of Wealth) Corner. But the article here says the other way. It is totally confusing.
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