Bathroom Ventilation


Bathroom ventilation is very essential for good health and contents of the house. It is applied to get rid of heat, humidity and dust from home. For proper ventilation, windows and doors must be placed opposite each other.

Importance of Bathroom Ventilation 

  • It doesn’t let dust and dirt accumulate in the house and helps to control diseases. 
  • It makes your home free from musty air, unwanted odors and provides fresh air. 
  • It stops stale and stagnant atmosphere and stops mould growth, peeling of paintwork.
  • It ensures healthy, comfortable and balanced atmosphere in house.

Methods of Bathroom Ventilation 

We can get bathroom ventilation by two ways either by windows or by mechanical ventilation system. In winters when windows are kept shut, we need mechanical ventilators such as: exhaust fans (ventilation fans) for ventilation. Exhaust fan removes moist air and foul smell from bathroom. These fans are set up by a timer and are activated when shower is turned on. They are deactivated when shower is turned off.  The fan has one more function as a humidity sensor which maintains moisture level. The following are approaches of bathroom ventilation systems.

1. Window Ventilation System

The window should be proper having a size of 3’x2’. It’s properly installed giving full ventilation to the space. Thus installed window gives fresh air to the bathroom. 

Bathroom Ventilation

( This Picture is Contributed by " Persis" )

2. Mechanical Ventilation System (Bathroom Exhaust Fans)

  • Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans for Bathroom:

    These exhaust fans are installed in ceiling. Such fans remove musty air from the bathroom. The fan has an external vent outside; which is used to throw musty air outside the room.

bathroom Exhaust Fans

( This Picture is Contributed by " Sumit Arora ")

  • Inline Exhaust Fans for Bathroom:

    These exhaust fans are installed between ducting.  If any area of home doesn’t have space for ventilation system, you can use inline exhaust fans.  

Bathroom Ventilation Fans

( This Picture is contributed by " Mahi" )

  • Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans for Bathroom:

    These exhaust fans are mounted on walls. The fans are installed on exterior walls of bathroom and musty air removes from outside. 

Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans

( This Picture is Contributed by " Sumit Arora " )

  • Combination Exhaust Fans for Bathroom:

    These bathroom exhaust fans are also available as combination units such as a heater, light and ventilating fan all in a single device.

Combination Exhaust Fans

( This Picture is Contributed by " Mahi" )

  • Exterior Mounted Exhaust Fans for Bathroom

    The best thing about this fan is that it is installed outside the house and has a remote mounted exhaust fan which pulls musty air and noise outside the house. 

Exterior Mounted Exhaust Fans

( This Picture is Contributed by " Sumit Arora ")

Benefits of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are very useful to make your room disease-free. If there is not proper ventilation, the following problems may create. 

  • Health problems such as asthma, allergies, headaches and other breathing disorders.
  • Cracking and peeling of wall paints.
  • Formation of fungus and mold spores, which in turn lead to severe health problems. 


20  Comment(s)
By Anonymous - On 6/8/2015 2:06:46 PM
my bath room is 6*4 with hot water. it is given day lit by glass blocks.Can a ceiling mounted exhaust fan given enough ventilation?
By INDRAJIT ROY -  On  10/8/2014 8:28:05 PM
I am interesting to know about the available exterior window mounted exhaust fan at my new built two bathrooms in KOLKATA.
By Anonymous - On 4/24/2014 5:00:28 AM
I need window exhaust fan for
bathroom small window.Size of the fan should be 11"by 10"by 6". What you can offer to me?
Thank you.
By Anonymous - On 5/19/2013 3:03:40 PM
Excellent.But where do I get these mechanical exhaust systems from?
By ANIL SHARMA -  On  2/28/2013 2:02:49 PM
suggest to us for vantilation size
By Anonymous - On 9/15/2012 6:09:37 PM
Nice Info.. It help me in my report..... Thanks
naresh kumawat
By naresh kumawat -  On  4/21/2012 2:24:27 PM
need vendor to purchase external mounting exhaust fan cum shutter window in jaipur
bitrus adamson
By bitrus adamson -  On  12/11/2011 12:09:31 PM
hey! your photos are really great.they have helped me immensely in my concepts and design. keep it up and thanks a million.
By Bhupinder -  On  8/15/2011 7:30:32 PM
I am constructing ground floor of my house and bathroom size is 5*6. What should be the size of high level window and at which level it should be installed. Please advice.
By Anonymous - On 7/11/2011 3:41:30 PM
ur artical on marble is very useful i came to know about so many varieties available in the market.can u specify the rates of marble.thanks
By Anonymous - On 6/26/2010 12:36:50 PM
It is very good writeup with balance of photos and information
By Pawan -  On  4/12/2010 10:18:51 AM
I liked the article very much. But where do we get these mechanical exhaust systems from?
By tse -  On  11/18/2009 10:20:26 AM
Please let me know about inline exhaust fan in detail like where & how to install.
By tse -  On  11/18/2009 10:17:07 AM
I need help to install Inline exhaust fan - I have a small toilet under stair which doesn't have sapce for ventalation.
By tse -  On  11/18/2009 10:15:39 AM
Inline exhaust fan - how to install
By Shivani -  On  7/17/2009 12:54:21 PM
Hi previously asked about a small bathroom..I have managed to come up with a design.I am attaching the file.Kindly view & give ur suggestions & advice.

Thanks & Regards,

By George -  On  6/24/2009 7:50:27 PM

I think the 4 x 8 feet bathroom would be a very interesting design challange for the bathroom design as the space is not good enough but is also not too small to be outrightly rejected. The challange would be the placement of things as there usability would be highly impacted by your layout.

where do you plan to have the door and would it be used as a toilet too?


sanjeev kumar
By sanjeev kumar -  On  6/24/2009 5:33:34 PM
i think bathroom space plan 4'x8' wide.
H S Rathi
By H S Rathi -  On  6/24/2009 3:25:16 PM
I think, 4' width of bathroom is less but according to the space available, it is practical to construct a bathroom in 4'x 8' space
Shivani Bahl
By Shivani Bahl -  On  6/20/2009 11:58:07 AM
Hi.I wanted to know if a bathroom of size 4'x8' is a decent size.I need a new bathroom but this is the only space available?Is it practical to construct a bathroom in this much space?
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  • For your bathroom choose a floor that is durable, easy to clean, slip resistant and moisture resistant.
  • Natural lighting and proper ventilation is necessary to keep a bathroom free from mould and moisture.
  • To eliminate the bathroom odor place a box of baking soda under the sink. Don't mix chlorine bleach or ammonia in it.
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