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Dining room interior design and decoration is a very exciting task as you can make it very colorful and try various lighting and sitting arrangements. In this section read articles about dining room interior design & elements, Dining room furniture style and tips Dining room furnishing and finishing, etc.
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Dining room Furniture
Dining room Furnishing
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How to Make a Small Dining Place Spacious
How to Make a Small Dining Place SpaciousIt is easy to decorate where the space is adequate but decoration of a small dining room is a challenge. It is an art to make a smaller room look larger. So, let us decorate a small dining place.
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Dining Room Lighting
Dining Room Lighting
Dining room lighting creates a wonderful impact in your dining area. There are some interesting ways of lighting by which you can easily modify the appearance of your dining room. Dining room lighting can be softened or enhanced to create contrasts. It can uniquely create personal spaces with a variety of lighting options
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Dining Room
Dining Room
Dinning room creates cozy atmosphere when decorated with refreshing flowers. Use tremendous ideas and designs which give attractive look to your dining room.
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The Choice of Dining Room Flooring
The Choice of Dining Room FlooringThe flooring in dining room creates a nice feel to the family and guests while dining. Shiny, durable and nice looking floor will make us proud of pleasant place besides delicious food. Let’s make a choice of right flooring for dining room.
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Dining Chairs and Bar Stools
Dining Chairs and Bar Stools
A dining hall requires easy and comfortable seats which could enhance aesthetic beauty of the place. A number of contemporary chairs can do the same for your dining room.
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Dining Room Cabinets
Cabinets provide decorative and functional storage features. These are available in various colors and are used to store large items or heavy grocery items.
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Paint gallery
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Paint gallery
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small corner bar unit in the dining room
small corner bar uni...
wallpaper on partition wall for dining area
wallpaper on partiti...
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Related tips
  • Avoid rectangular dining if you have kids at home. Use round tables and avoid sharp edged tables.
  • Diagonally installed wooden flooring will make the room look large and white tiles flooring also making the room look bigger.
  • Carved tables painted in dark color and chairs in light color make dinning room casual and a designed dining in the center of room can also make your room casual
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