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Hi, This is RITU RANA from GHAR EXPERT team. I am here to guide you to the right resource so that your problems and queries are answered by the resources available on this website. I'll try to respond to your problems with in one business day. Regards

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i have three brothers iam the elder one so which floor i have to take315-09-2019 21:11
My home is excetly on Tee Point. As per Vastu it is a problemtic home. if it is 4615-09-2019 17:57
Dishwasher under slab. As seen on amazon almost all dishwashers are 845mm high a214-09-2019 05:44
our plot is 305north west facing. so how we make it as per vastu, like, wher sho214-09-2019 05:42
how to line out work to residential building414-09-2019 04:32
thanks for reply to me. iam madhu. i have one doubt could we complete build hous711-09-2019 00:11
does french doors are counted as regular doors in house vastu? please reply510-09-2019 00:21
marble flooring is done and pop work is over can i start birla putti before marb309-09-2019 00:58
outside side wall with 4.5 inch width is suggested or not ? will it cause seepag409-09-2019 00:55
how do we know there is problem in our vastu. Can we hang vastudoshnivaran yantr1405-09-2019 23:57
road sol effects805-09-2019 00:57
Hi i need house plan for 35 *45 plot. Plz help1304-09-2019 00:44
if a school plot is cut from SW what is the remedy to rectify304-09-2019 00:39
Kindly refer my attachment,For G 2 residential building, M15 grade used ,for roo504-09-2019 00:39
Hi have a plot size of 5 x 11 Meter, can you suggest any best home plan with 1 e503-09-2019 00:14
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  15 September, 2019
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  15 September, 2019

Shpei added post "Help Desk from Ghar Expert" in this group. at  21:11
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Jaida Carroll added post "Help Desk from Ghar Expert" in this group. at  17:57
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  14 September, 2019

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Anna John added post "Bold and beautiful" in this group. at  04:32
Thanks for holding this discussion. I was trying to line out work to...
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