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Hi, This is RITU RANA from GHAR EXPERT team. I am here to guide you to the right resource so that your problems and queries are answered by the resources available on this website. I'll try to respond to your problems with in one business day. Regards

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Provided me maps of plote size 30×52227-09-2020 21:01
We already constructed a 9 inch thick wall of height 7feet and width 11.5 feet 227-09-2020 20:37
hi my plot siz 28 feet north face wide and 50 feet south side length please give1925-09-2020 21:55
I need the productivity norms for the Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical 1025-09-2020 09:50
how i can work with ghar expert and earn money. pl. give me a idea. already i re325-09-2020 02:41
Pls send contact224-09-2020 23:52
need comments on the plan subm,itted by sudha3623-09-2020 04:32
I stay in an appartment on 4th floor. my main door open facing south. infort of 223-09-2020 03:59
I'm a Law practitioner and wanting to start my own professional chamber in a ren422-09-2020 01:20
I am Engineer student my date of birth is 16/08/1993...,I want to ask about my s621-09-2020 23:59
dear sir i have a plot of size 14*50 feet and i have a doubt that how many feet 521-09-2020 05:41
i am fitting ac in new home what mm size of wire i should use for electrical sup221-09-2020 03:10
what is the mixing ratio of sand and cement for wall construction, which cement 321-09-2020 02:27
how can i make new rcc roof slab without breaking old slab519-09-2020 00:43
Dear sirHow much steel rod required for the 2150sq.ft219-09-2020 00:24
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thoughts with Group Help Desk from Ghar Expert.
  27 September, 2020
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  25 September, 2020

gaurigupta added post "" in this group. at  09:47
 This truly is incredible what's more meanful. this truly is tremend...
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gaurigupta added post "" in this group. at  09:45
Its like you had an energizing handle concerning the issue, dismissi...
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gaurigupta added post "" in this group. at  09:42
I got so associated with this material that I was unable to quit loo...
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Tiel Erlach added post "" in this group. at  02:41
Thanks Bill, you gave me a good idea to explore. I checked this plac...
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  24 September, 2020

Brenna Lamb added post "" in this group. at  23:52
Computer technology makes our work easy and, fast and efficient beca...
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