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Hi, This is RITU RANA from GHAR EXPERT team. I am here to guide you to the right resource so that your problems and queries are answered by the resources available on this website. I'll try to respond to your problems with in one business day. Regards

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i want to decorate my drawing roon walls in a traditional indian way so suggest 220-02-2020 00:16
Is mortar prepared using a mortar mixer of better quality than manual mixing?320-02-2020 00:14
dear sir good morning118-02-2020 00:38
Shuttering and labour cost 1600sft110-02-2020 00:31
i need some west face house site plans of 21*60107-02-2020 02:58
i want to merge two east face houses with between gap 5.6 feet suggest me how to306-02-2020 23:23
The flooring of my home is marble and i would like to insert brass patti in the 2102-02-2020 10:01
if a school plot is cut from SW what is the remedy to rectify129-01-2020 21:05
25 x 35 plot size south side facing h as per vastu best plan KY hoga113-11-2018 01:10
i want layout housing plan for 11*60 area for 2bhk house128-09-2018 23:38
hello,Can you please provide me the map plan for 20 by 50 mtr plot for making re122-04-2018 22:40
the cost of construction in dehradun is around rs.800 to rs 1000.00 per sq ft bt625-01-2018 00:52
My kitchen is in the north east corner of the house constructed by the builder.I215-01-2015 22:44
as per vastu room sizes are carpet area only or including wall thickness125-12-2013 14:24
just want to know what is CUM ( unit )..and who we can find this unit ..suppose 122-09-2011 13:19
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thoughts with Group Help Desk from Ghar Expert.
  20 February, 2020
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  10 February, 2020

S L Gupta (Civil Engg) added post "" in this group. at  00:31
Dear Sir,             The rent and labor cost of  good type of shutt...
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  6 February, 2020

haniana added post "Nice" in this group. at  23:23
You can visit our page to play the famous cool math games and bring ...
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  2 February, 2020

added post "zeeshanarain" in this group. at  10:01
I like all the packages by ufone, they all are reasonable. I ...
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  28 January, 2020

added post "zeeshanarain" in this group. at  06:30
The Linq at Beauty World is a highly anticipated mixed reside...
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added post "zeeshanarain" in this group. at  06:03
The M by Wing Tai at Middle Road is in the central businsess ...
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