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By : Gunjan Utraja - On 1/28/2009- 5185 Views - 2 Comments
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Bold zigzag style
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Bold zigzag style
Transform your interiors and furniture into a magical world that are bound to take everyone’s breath away. Choose the exclusive furniture for your office or room. Suppose your furniture is of white color, and then make its contrast with a vibrant color like red. For a bold outlook, introduce zigzag pattern on flooring and on wall. It makes your interiors and furniture look more appealing. This innovative and imaginative style absolutely revolutionizes the look of your room or office. A series of pots containing green leaves provides greenery to the room.
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2  Comment(s)
Bysakshi kedia -  On  09/30/2009
thats a good one............
Bycharul patel -  On  03/26/2009
tooooo good
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