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stair case construction in south side

Dear sir

i want construct house of plinth area 36'width x37'length =1332 sft and site size 55'x42'

north side leaving space 12'x42'

south side 5'6'x42'

my qustion 1: can i build staircase in south side 3'x15' in south west direction it is good my dout east-south direction staircase means extension of AGNEYA it is advisable

Qn-2 : my site dimension width 55'and length 42' road is east

plinth area 36 width x 37'length according to vastu it is advisable

i saw in vastu suggestion always length is 1.375 times more than width

please suggest me


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Balance : Rs.100
Question category : Vastu Shastra
On : 10/22/2013
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Expert(s) chosen:  S L Guptasabina vanjani
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