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justify my house foundation
i started construction my house  G+2 ,with following details.
a) plinth 29 x 54 feet
b) 15 columns (3X5) each column 9X15 inches
c) red soil
d) middle row,center three columns pit size 5x5 feet depth 6 feet from         ground level        and     steel used  4x16 +4x12 mm rods
e) remain columns (12Nos)  pit sizes 4x4 depth and steel used 8x12mm    rods
f) 16th column also used as simple support stair case clomn size 9x9 ,         4x12mm rods
  plase justify steel used is sufficient  for G+2 construction and steel rod      requid for plinth beam?

Price : Rs.500
Paid : Rs.500
Balance : Rs.0
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On : 03/15/2015
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