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How to calculate the rate for plastering a square feet of brick wall using cement and sand and compare it with rate of plastering it with gypsum plaster

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On : 05/29/2008
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Answered by Mohini Sharma on Thu May 29, 2008 5:17 PM

Hi Varadarajan,

The rate of cement sand plaster depends on the ratio of cement sand used for plastering. The rate also depends on the thickness of plaster done on the walls. Here are some prevailing market rates for you.
1. Cement plaster 1:4 ratio 12 mm thick = Rs.5/- Sq. Feet
2. Cement plaster 1:4 ratio 15 mm thick = Rs.6/- Sq. feet
3. Cement plaster 1:4 ratio 20 mm thick = Rs.8/- Sq. feet
4. Cement plaster 1:6 ratio 12 mm thick =Rs.4/- Sq. feet.
5. Cement plaster 1.6 ratio 15 mm thick= Rs5/- sq. feet
Gypsum plaster is done on cement plaster. It is not directly done on brick walls. The rate of gypsum plaster depends on the design to be made with ceiling.


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