Protection against Mosquitoes

 A few diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya and Encephalitis have resulted in expressions of confusion all around. These diseases are fast turning out to be deadly face of mosquito- borne diseases. These diseases are transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Hence prevention is the most effective solution. If you act upon the following the points during new construction or in the existing construction, you can be safe of  mosquitoes.
Preventive measures for new constructions
  • Install all the outer openings with wire gauge doors, windows, and ventilator shutters with specified size of wire gauge 22x 12. 
  • Fix helical springs with wire gauge door shutters.
  • Make proper drainage system in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet so that the water could not accumulate due to improper slope.
  • Fix the lid of water storage tank very well at the time of construction.
  • Provide small offset in the floor between internal and external door to prevent the entry of insect in the house.

Mosquito Protection

Preventive measures for existing constructions
  • Install wire gauze, if not installed already having specific size of  22 x 12 with all outer doors, window shutters and with ventilators.
  • Fix helical springs into the door shutters with wire gauze.
  • Put a teaspoonful of diesel or kerosene oil into the water cooler.
  • Clean water cooler, clogged roofs and drains regularly.
  • Use full sleeve clothes and mosquito replants like Odomos. etc.
  • Remove out stagnant water in the garden, in the park or in the pots of plants by filling in with the earth.
  • Dispose of unwanted tins, cans and tires.
  • Put a mosquito protection screen on window.

Mosquito Protection

  • Clean flush sump-pump pits regularly.
  • Arrange ornamental pool with the fish (Gambusia) which eats up the eggs of mosquitoes.
  • Repair the leakages in water supply pipes and accumulated water in the kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and other parts of the house must be removed immediately.
  • Fit the lid of water storage tank tightly.

    Mosquito Protection


    • Stop the overflow of water from the water tank; which creates a small pool on the roof, and leakages in the water pipes.
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