Termite Damage Signs and repairing tips

Termites are a big danger to the house especially to the wood-based structures and they eat wood and wooden products. When the home owner has any indication of termite presence, the damage have already done by the termite.

Sign of termite Damage
Following are the sign of termite presence

  • Termite attack wood work in dark, in humid condition and do not appear on the face/ surface. The face of the wooden member appears smooth but when tapped the wooden member it sound hollow, it means termites are eating the wooden member from the inside.
  • There is crack in paint on wooden surface appear, which is the sign of presence of termite in the wooden member.
  • Mud tubes on walls or on wooden members is sign of presence of termite in the house.
  • Some time one sees dirt in the wood, which indicates the presence of termite.
  • When we see any rotting wood or any specious area then we find the presence of termite.
  • In spring season termite try to come out from old colony to form new colony, in this process often find their bodies near windows, which is the indication of termite presence.
  • Termite gather  at light source in night time especially in their active time between November and March
Preventive Tips

  • At the time of new construction, anti-termite treatment must be done in the foundation of building including making barrier around the building.
  • During construction use termite resistant material i.e. steel, concrete, bricks etc.
  • Treat with appropriate chemicals to all woodwork before fixing in the building.
  • Try to use termite resistant timber like turpentine, tea tree and white cypress.
  • Ensure that all the cracks should be field with cement mortar.
  • The ground around your house should be clear, any debris creates infestation of termite.
  • There should be no leakage in the pipeline and drains.
  • Ensure that water does not pool around the house and at roof.
  • There should no wooden piece in the foundation or in nearby ground around the house.
How to fix termite damage

After inspection, when we sure about presence of termite in the house. Anti termite chemical treatment called “Post construction chemical treatment” (after the building has been constructed) should be done. If possible, take help from professional, who will guide in a better way. Here is some measure to be taken to prevent further loss.
  • Make holes around the house along with foundation, fill the holes with anti-termite chemical, and create barrier around the house to prevent the entry of termite.
  • Apply or fill anti-termite chemical in the voids and cracks if any found in the building.
  • Drill holes at the junction of floors and walls and fill them with chemicals.  Then holes are plugged with cement mortar and finished the floor as per requirement. 
  • Treat all the wooden members with chemical. 
  • Repair the damaged woodwork and if damage is more than replace the wooden member.

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