List of construction activities in sequence

When we start construction of a new building or home, we face many difficulties and unnecessary harassment in day to day construction. Everyone wants that construction work should be completed with the minimum difficulties and in time. For this we have requires a lot of work to be done before start of the work and simultaneously during construction. There are some points given below which are to be follow in sequence.

Construction activities in sequence

  • First of all you should ensure that your plot falls in Residential Zone.
  • You should check whether the building site come in earthquake prone zone.
  • Hire the architect for preparing drawings of the building to be constructed.
  • Hire Structural engineer for structural design and keep safety from earth quack.
  • Submit the drawings for approval by competent authority of the city concerned.
  • Arrange water connection and electricity connection and ensure that water .
  • Construct temporary store for storing building material required during construction.
  • Arrange contractor i.e. for civil work, electrical work and water supply and sewerage work.
  • Make arrangement for building material i.e. bricks bazri, sand brick ballast etc. You should aware about the quality of materials, their availability and repudiated building material supplier.
  • After arranging the drawings, design, necessary sanctions and contractor start the construction activities.
  • The site should be cleared from the roots of the trees if any exist in construction site. The roots should be removed up to 3feet below the ground level.
  • There should be proper layout with brick masonry pillars/ burzi with centre line, width and length of walls, columns and they should be according to design and drawing. Mark them on the ground and cross check to eliminate any error.
  • The area under construction should be taken as whole not part to avoid settlement in any portion of building. If construction done in small portion than there may be chances of settlement in foundation.
  • The entire building component should be tied from the safe guard of earthquake at least on three points i.e. at plinth level, door level and roof level.
  • After laying foundation as per drawing, you should have knowledge of high flood level of the area and fix it with the level of surrounding building and road.
  • RCC columns footing should be done simultaneously with wall masonry in foundation.
  • It should be ensure that concreting should be done with concrete mixture and vibrated.
  • Bricks used in construction should be first class bricks.
  • While brick masonry see the bricks are properly water soaked, mortar is as per structure drawing and all joints should be filled properly.
  • See that Door and window frame should be fixed with brick work.
  • Shuttering should be done with steel plates and it should be in level.
  • See that MS steel bars in roof should be according to design and binding is in proper shape.
  • Lay cement concrete of roof with concrete mixer and vibrated and thickness and size should be according to design.
  • Curing should be done as per norm for all component of building.
  • See that all electrical pipes, fan hooks are laid as per drawing before laying the slab.
  • After removal of shuttering all the electrical and water supply point should be fixed in walls before plaster.
  • After doing plaster, lay sewer line before start of floor.
  • See that soil and base coat is fully compacted before start of floor.
  • After floor laying, door and window shutter should be fixed with necessary fittings.
  • At roof parapet and tile terracing should be done and ensure that slope of the roof is proper for drainage of rain water through rain water pipes.
  • After fixing electrical points and water supply points, painting should be started.
  • Final grinding and polishing of floor is done.
  • Fix all electric fitting like AC, Fans and light point.
  • Fix all the bib cocks and other fitting such as looking mirror, towel rod, bath tub etc.
  • See all the points of electrical, water supply, sanitary and door window fittings are properly working in all the component of building.
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