Checklists for flooring

In construction of building or house flooring has great importance. There are various type of flooring option available in construction of building according to the requirement and choice. Some are as cement concrete flooring, terrazzo flooring, kota stone flooring, marble flooring, ceramic tile flooring, wooden flooring and pvc flooring. There are many factors which contribute in selection of type of flooring. There are some guide lines to be following which are given below. 
Check list/ guide lines
  • Flooring should be done after the plaster work of ceiling and wall is over.
  • Fix all electric pipes, water supply pipes and sanitary/ sewer pipes before start of flooring.
  • In case of multi-story building, start the flooring from top to bottom to minimize movement to newly cast flooring.
  • Ensure that the earth is fully compacted before starting the process of floor lying.
  • Ensure that the base coat is fully compacted before starting the flooring.
  • Do proper slope in basec oat for ensuring uniform thickness of topping.
  • Ensure the quality and size of material used in the flooring in no case does not use fine sand in concrete mix use for flooring.
  • Ensure proper mixing of mortar or concrete used for flooring.
  • Ensure the ratio of cement concrete should be not less than 1:2:4 and mortar is not less than 1:3 for tile, kota and marble
  • Cement concrete or terrazzo flooring should be done in panels by using glass or aluminum or iron strips.
  • Ensure that level should be marked on walls and pillars for proper levels and slopes.
  • Ensure proper slope to floor trap or pipe for easy drainage or disposal of water in case of toilet, laundry, verandah and balcony etc.
  • Movement should be avoided on freshly laid floor, since the marks left on flooring.
  • Do not use glass strips in terrace, balcony floor to avoid leakage.
  • Ensure skirting should be made on walls for proper finishing of joints and protecting the bottom part of plaster and paint.
  • Ensure that polishing should be done after completion of painting.
  • Ensure the filling of joints should be properly done after cleaning the joints including washing the joints and surface.
  • In case of tile flooring, marble or kota stone flooring, ensure the joints should be in straight line and fully grouted. 
  • Ensure that curing should be done for at least 7 days after completion of floors.
  • In case of wooden flooring, ensure that termite treatment is done before laying the floor.

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