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‘Vaastu Shastra’
Vaastu defines our life in a natural way. It carries us through all distresses and provides solution to all maladies in nature. It controls our behavior through some certain rules and regulates our life.
Actually the nature around us is called Vaastu which denotes something like a ‘shelter’ and Shastra is meant for the system. So ‘Vaastu Shastra’ reflects a system of shelter. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science which sustains peace and harmony between man and nature. Thus ‘Vaastu’ shows us a way to all prosperity and pleasure.
The Five elements:
Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are five natural elements known as ‘Mahabhutas’.  Each element of ‘Vaastu’ expresses certain rules which make life easy to live. Each element depends on one another and leads us a happy and prosperous life. There must be all five elements in a home to avoid any sufferings in life.
Here are given all the five in detail.
1. Space
Space provides medium to the rest four elements. It relates to the sense of sound in humans, so there should be pleasant sound and calm space at home. It controls the North-East direction of a building. Thus, this direction is the best area for ‘Peace, Meditation and Yoga’.
2. Air
Air provides the basis for ‘Agni’ as it feeds to the ‘Fire’. We can only feel the existence of air in life. Fresh air provides us a long life. The North-West direction is considered the best for the air.
3. Fire
Fire (Agni) is a symbol of strength in life. The fire governs the South- East location of the building and hence it is the best location for kitchen. ‘Agni’ affects the digestive system of the body so the food should be cooked in the South-East location which ensures good health. A building on triangular plot should be avoided because it calls upon an undesirable fire. 
4. Water
Water element is closely related to the sense of smell. It represents reflective surfaces. The North-West is good location for bathroom or guestroom; since these places are used frequently by many people who do no not stay there for long periods.
5. Earth
The Earth provides basis for three elements - Water, Fire and Air. It also represents the sense of smell. Pleasing aromas should be present in abundance in a home.
The South-West location of the house is governed by the Earth.  This location is the best place in a room to place any bulky furniture.
According to Vaastu Shastra if we worship Gods, they will shower their blessings on us in eight directions.
1. Ishwar (North-East) – He grants us wisdom and power and takes away all sufferings.
2. Indra (East) - He gives wealth and prosperity in life.
3. Agni (South-East) - He provides us beautiful persona and excellence.
4. Yama (South) - He is god of death who is incarnation of ‘Dharma’. He gets us rid of all evils and grants all good things.
5. Nissan (South-West) - He disappears to fear about the enemies.
6. Varun (West) - He is god of rain who showers his blessings and brings prosperity and pleasure in life.
7. Vayu (North-West) - He donates us long life, health and strength.
8. Kuber (North) - He is god of wealth who grants us wealth and comfort in life.
Search for Shapes:
When people want to construct a home or any building, they spend time in search of Vaastu for foundation, superstructure, appearance etc. A home complete in all respects of Vaastu brings them prosperity, power, wisdom and happiness and shows the way to success in life.
A few directions and shapes which affect life in daily routine are given below.
1. Shape of plot: Square or rectangular shapes are preferred.
2. Water bodies: Water bodies like bathroom and water tanks are considered well in the North or East.
3. Obstruction – Any obstruction like big trees, open well, pillars and posts must be avoided in construction.
3. Ideal site –The house should be constructed in a square or rectangular plot. 
"L" shape of plots is not suitable for house because the occupants will be missing opportunities.

Vastu proposes the use of decoration and sculpture at main entrance and other doors of the house as well as it presents some additional rules to be followed before designing doors and windows.
The directions are one of the most important factors in both Feng shui and Vaastu. The positioning of main entry door, v
Vastu Shastra, the architectural science with roots in ancient India, takes into account environmental factors that we may be unaware of yet influence the quality of our lives.
Building a dream home needs vigilant considerations and apart from the good architectural design and construction techniques, the location of the plot affects the energy of the residents through out life.
A beautiful home all of a sudden becomes unsuitable to live - in because principles of vaastu are not applied to its
The Chinese recognise 5 elements which arise out of the interplay of yin and yang. Ideally there should be a balance of all five elements. Difficulties occur where one dominates or is lacking. Interpreting and balancing these elements plays a major part in the practise of Feng shui.
Fengshui means the Law of Heaven and Earth. Feng means wind and Shui means Water. It believes in the balance of yin and yang (the two opposites) and a balance between Heaven and Earth. Chinese saw wind and water as the intermediaries between heaven and earth.
Vastu is a Sanskrit word which means Vaas: Live Tu: you, a place where you live or dwell. Shastra means a text which contains knowledge or instructions. Simply put Vastu Shastra means instructions laid down for building a structure.
Vaastu Shastra is an ancient system of designing the buildings. It helps in maintaining a dynamic balance between Form and Energy to create harmonious homes and other buildings.
The area of garage in residential area shall not be less than 2.75*5.4m
Balconies/Verandahs shall be in north-north east, north east-east,south-south east or west-north west
The security hut should be placed in such a manner that the guards face east or north
The parking is normally provided in the basement or at ground level or on stilts(elevated parts).
The lifts shall be installed in west-north west or east-south east
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Simple Design for Authentic look
Simple Design for Authentic look
Living room decorated with Plants and Coloured Stones that give a Authentic Look
Living room decorated with Plants and Coloured Stones that give a Authentic Look
Directions in Vaastu
Directions in Vaastu
I am ajay kumar I am contract of plaster of Paris selling work etc...
I am ajay kumar I am contract of plaster of Paris selling work etc...
Yeah, Thats what I am talking about ...Modern Living
Yeah, Thats what I am talking about ...Modern Living
I am not sure about the headspace over bed but it could work with kids
I am not sure about the headspace over bed but it could work with kids

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