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Brick Walls, Pillars and Structure  Gallery

Scroll down to view all Brick Walls, Pillars and Structure photos. Click on the picture to open. A large picture and articles collection of Brick walls and pillars is available on GharExpert. Construction of brick walls and pillars, brick wall construction tips, precautions, and ideas for your next building construction project. New photos added weekly.
Tritherm technologies is one of the leading rcc concrete diamond core cutting/drilling services works contractors/agency/company/applicator in chennai,tamilnadu,pondicherry,karnataka,kerala,andhra pradesh & india.
* Precise Circular cuts
* Low vibration and low noise level
* TMT Steel Bar/Rebar are cut without difficulty
* No follow up work required
*Diameter - 16 mm to 450 mm
*Depth - more than 1000 mm
*Removing concrete testing cores,
*Making breaches for fresh and exhaust air ducts,chimney ducts holes,AC holes,
*Drilling holes for house / building plumbing,electrical supply lines,
*Drilling holes in RCC slab,beams,raft,sunside,columns / motor bed & any reinforced cement concrete structures, airconditioning outlet pipeline holes,brick wall holes,hollow block core drilling,
Rcc concrete wall kitch...
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A View of  Constructed Mall
A View of Constructed ...
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 ROOM of 230 sqft need to change with slabs (now with clay roof tiles - Seema Odu).

Please note 4 side walls are fine and need to have confirmation with cost from your team
Roof to change
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celing king
celing king
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Reinforcement became rusted and removal of plaster.
Roof(ceiling) damage.
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Glass in ceiling cove
Glass in ceiling cove
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Steel Bars for RCC Work
Steel Bars for RCC Work
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Front side door frames picture
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Different Composite Roofing Shingles
Different Composite Roo...
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[Product Description]
Master King MK-11 general waterproof slurry is a two-component waterproofing slurry, it was designed as follow: high quality acrylic emulsion added a variety of functional additives made the composition of organic liquid, and a variety of high-strength cement filler, adding additives composed of the inorganic powder. Rigorous scientific experiments was carried out to determine  the liquid-powder ratio. When used, stir brushing the surface of the substrate. Polymeric material integrated with the substrate to form a hydrophobic dendritic crystals, so as to achieve excellent waterproof effect.
[Product Performance]
Applying to a humid environment construction;
High-permeability,  can be used for the positive side, the negative surface waterproof construction;
Have a certain flexibility, can cover small cracks and resist the slight vibration;
Friendly interface, does not affect the construction of the outer layer of adhesive, waterproof layer directly on the paving tiles;
Environmental non-toxic, non-polluting;
Has excellent weather resistance.
[Scope of products]
For inside and outside walls, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, pool, food pools, basements, underground garage and other covert projects waterproof;
For wood flooring, wall decorative wood bottom mildew proof.
Calculated in accordance with waterproof membrane thickness of 1.0mm, the dosage is about 1.5-2.0kg/m2, the actual amount depends on the actual situation and the desired of waterproofing layer thickness.
Plastic drum: 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
K-11 General Waterproof...
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When constructing a new house, installing and choosing the roof is one of the most crucial work. You wish for a roof that provides both visual appeal and maximum protection. Roofing East Flanders has been serving the needs of local house owners in East Flanders, Belgium.
Roofing in East Flander...
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Bedroom Interior
Bedroom Interior
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Simple wooden showcase design where you can put the artifacts and other decorative pieces
Simple wooden showcase ...
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please suggest some good front elevation of my house under construction in Amritsar
new house under constru...
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concrete roof slab cutting using diamond saw core cutting cutting machine without vibration and lifting & removal work,
concrete slab cutting u...
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start construction
start construction
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