House Plans
House Plans
Ganpati decoration with coloured cloth and decoration string curtains
Ganpati decoration with...
Double layered curtain for living room
Double layered curtain ...
Designing with Stylish curtain gives beautiful look to your Bedroom
Beautiful Curtain Desig...
The shower curtain is made from good quality Fabric Polyester with special process.It"s excellent water resistance,good handfeeling and easy to use it.It will prettify your life with it"s colorful design and make your life healthy as well as joyful.
SpongeBob SquarePants P...
Living room with simple wall colour and certains
Living room with simple...
Large Size Bedroom with sothing colour and textured sofa
Large Size Bedroom with...
Bedroom interior
Bedroom interior
Drawing Room
Drawing Room
Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains are ideal for welding area applications. Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtain are made using specially formulated compounds that filter hazardous ultraviolet rays commonly found in welding applications. Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtain include special ingredients for added flame resistance. While Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtain helps block UV rays, they are not a substitute for approved eye protection.
Welding PVC Strip Curta...
Bedroom window curtains
Bedroom window curtains
Curtain Design For Girls Room
Curtain Design For Girl...
Curtain design for bedr...
PVC –  Poly Vinyl Chloride. PVC strip curtains is a plastic vinyl curtain. It will use to another Door and stop the dust and pollution. It used places of factories and industrial places. ATHENS PVC is manufacturing and importing by China. We are only supplier, dealer, distributor and installer of PVC strip curtain in India. PVC Strip Curtains are good for indoor and outdoor applications where temperatures range from 0° F to +150° F.
Colored PVC Strip Curta...
Sleigh Bed
Sleigh Bed
kitchen with dark &light same colour combination
kitchen with dark &ligh...
Transparent PVC Strip Curtains:

             ATHENS Transparent PVC Strip Curtain is also known as Clear PVC Strip Curtain, Transparent PVC Strip Curtain, Common PVC Strip Curtain, Smooth PVC Strip Curtain,  Regular PVC Strip Curtain,  Clear White PVC Strip Curtain,  Clean Room PVC Strip Curtain, and Conventional PVC Strip Curtain. Transparent PVC Strip Curtain is most common and represents 90% of all PVC Strip Curtains sold in the market.
Clear PVC Strip Curtains
Insect-Amber PVC Strip Curtains:
               ATHENS Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtain is often called Yellow Smooth PVC Strip Curtain, No-Bug PVC Strip Curtain, Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtain, Insect Control PVC Strip Curtain and Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain because it reduces the attraction of insects to light sources on the other side of the PVC strip. It also blocks ultraviolet radiation and can be used in many varied applications.
Insect Control PVC Stri...
Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains:
            ATHENS Single Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain is reduces drag on loads and discourages strips from sticking together. The raised ribs cause the equipment moving through the door to impact the rib first instead of the smooth flat surface of smooth strip. Single Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains are available for all grades of PVC Strip Curtain.
Double Ribbed PVC Strip...
Curtains for Pooja Room
Curtains for Pooja Room
Spacious bedroom
Spacious bedroom
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